Bookworm Pavilion to Bring People Closer to Books

Are you in love with books and you will do almost anything to find your time and peace to read from your favorite book? Then, you will find the Nudes Bookworm Pavilion very interesting.

Nudes aim is to address larger networks of social, cultural and environmental groups by operating with a great variety of cross-disciplinary cultures of art , architecture and computational design.

Nuru Karim, the founder of Nudes, has received public recognition for his build work and for the projects from competitions and received several awards and a nomination for Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2013. Nuru Karim is also a TEDx speaker 2019 and has presented his work and research on national and international platforms.

Nudes’ work aims to inspire people while shaping the most futuristic projects. The organization work aims to create timeless, cultural valuable projects that are in accordance to human values.

The Bookworm Pavilion

Architect: Nudes
Design team: Nuru Karim (Founder & Design Principal Nudes), Aditya Jain, Dhruval Shah, Salai V, Jenish Merchant, A Aravind, Supriya Dubey

Libraries, schools and museums tend to have an intimidating and inaccessible vibe, and as opposed to this vibe, the bookworm pavilion was designed to be a “fun and welcoming space” open to all.

“The aim was to create a book-scape of sorts which invites children to explore and learn simultaneously,” explained the studio.

“We wanted to make reading a fun activity, encourage children to pick books and read, irrespective of language.”

Sitting and storytelling areas

The intervention includes areas for sitting and storytelling and can house approximately 12,000 books, which have been donated by severals schools across the city. Therefore, this bookscape is the perfect place to make the reading a fun activity, for both children and adults. It is suitable for both discovering and learning activities.

Like any architecture project in education, the aim is to empower the world through education, making it more accessible and less rigid.

The 35-metres-long pavilion winds its way through the museum gardens.

Simple, modular structures

It is made of two simple, modular structures based on wooden ladders that stretch outward to create undulating forms at either side of a central pathway.

The structure is built using 3600 modular pre-fabricated components, meaning that it can be easily dismantled, transported and reassembled on different sites. deployed on site within a week, the pavilion also boasts a low carbon footprint and promotes sustainable building technologies.

Easy to demount and rebuild

Its great feature is the fact that the pavilion is easy to demount and rebuild on different sites across India. “We are hoping that the BookWorm travels across the country in both rural and urban areas, spreading the message of ’empowerment through education,'” said the studio.

The pavilion was on display util December 2019

The pavilion remained on display at the CSMVS Museum gardens until December 2019, after which all of the books are to be donated to NGOs and children who would otherwise be unable to access reading material. The pavilion will source new books from its next location.

The project was supported by the Priyarsi Art Gallery in Mumbai as well as the CSMVS Museum.

In conclusion

Any project that brings people closer to education through architecture is worthy of our attention and consideration. We will keep an eye on Nudes projects, as we appreciate its unique approach.

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