Ideas to Decorate the Space Above the Sofa

When you think about the space above the sofa, you automatically think about a piece of art. As you may have experienced, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right type of art to hang on the wall. Many choose to keep a traditional style, others choose a single photo or a painting, but you have a lot of options to choose from. In this article we are going to give you some ideas to boost your creativity.

Vibrant piece of art

If you want to transform the spot above the coach into the focal point of your home, choose a bold painting or piece of artwork. You will impress by something very large in size, with a vibrant, powerful color or a graphic, unique design. As we all know, the term bold may be interpreted in different ways, but when a guest walks into the room, his eye will be immediately drawn by you piece of art because it is so obvious.

Gallery walls for art enthusiasts

Only one piece of art isn’t enough sometimes. Some art lovers choose to have a gallery wall above the sofa. If you want to create a dramatic reaction, the gallery wall is the right choice for you. Be careful what pieces art you choose, they all have to go together and act as one unit. Place the center piece at the eye level. Plan before starting your art project, draw your idea and visualize how it will look. Place the pieces on the ground and play with their arrangement until you absolutely love how they go together. In case you don’t have enough space, use a graph paper.

Mirrors or mirror wall

Mirrors are very versatile and make great decorative objects. They reflect light, give us the impression that we live in more open spaces, and make the the rooms look larger in general. You can place a big mirror above the sofa. Usually, mirrors are hung across the windows. Keep this aspect in mind.

The mirror should work with the entire aspect of the room, don’t just place it above the sofa because you have an empty space. You may also create a mirror wall formed by small mirrors. It works the same way as the gallery wall. Plan their positioning beforehand and choose the pieces carefully before hanging them on the wall.

Install Floating Shelves

Floating shelves look good on the wall and they also solve the problem that we all have with storage in our apartments. They offer you the perfect way to display your accessories, prizes or treasures. Floating shelves look particularly good if they have attractive brackets. If you have problems installing them, ask a professional, they need to be installed correctly, directly into a stud, so they are safely for anyone who sits on the sofa.

The center piece of the floating shelves should be installed on the eye level. You can go for a central arrangement of the shelves or a an asymmetrical arrangement. They can also be combined with pieces of artwork you like the most.

Which of these ideas is more suitable for the space around your sofa?


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