5 cool interior graffiti ideas

5 cool interior graffiti ideas

Author: Wesley Edwards

Over the last decade with the invention of social media we have seen the advent of the modern graffiti artist take hold as a respected artistic medium that has changed the way our generation communicates and the cultural landscape of cities.  People from the world over get on instagram to show off their skills as mural artists but there is a lesser known form of graffiti art that is slowly being added to the repertoire of the street artist and that is interior graffiti. These artists we’ve highlighted today can give you some great inspiration for interior decoration and design. While you’re at it we also recommend you check out some of the new high quality graffiti supplies that are available to artists today from companies like Bombing Science to inspire you for your next design.


Want to bring contrast to a room but don’t want to go for the typical black and white home decoration? Check out what Tilt, an internationally successful graffiti artist, did in a hotel room. Taking the color completely out of one side and going batshit insane on the other is not only visually striking but gives your room a presence people wont forget.


2) Peeta is masterful at making a wall fall away to reveal these abstract platonic shapes that play together invisibly in between the walls. He has a knack of using just the right amount of perspective to reveal the matrix all around us.

Pref ID

3) Pref ID shows us what style really is and how to incorporate the design of typography into the overall look of the interior and incorporates the same colors and similar shapes as the rooms decoration.  Notice how he connects one form to another through color and directs you through the space naturally? This is something any designer can learn from.


4) If Sabotajealmontaje was around when the sistine chapel was done it might have ended up looking something like this. The use of lighting on the forms he has created here are insane and give the room a feel that its much larger than it really is.

Mikael B

5) To round out our list we have Mikael B, who kills it with some abstract interior designs for a client in Beverly Hills, CA. check out his instagram to see an artist who is killing it with interior murals, walls, canvases and even limited edition prints.

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