12 Creative Ways to Decorate your Living Room

12 Creative Ways to Decorate your Living Room

Creating a well-designed living room that is both functional and comfortable is essential for enjoying time with loved ones. It is important to choose seating that not only provides relaxation but also promotes conversation. The living room is the dominant spot that sets the tone for the rest of the house’s décor. Experimenting with color and various furniture layouts-  when combined together should induce a sense of style and ease. But one is wary of making design mistakes and must pay attention to the scale of each furniture and the combinations of patterns and textures throughout the room.

The living room is the ideal space to highlight new trends, a recently purchased artwork or vintage rustic pieces that reflect your personality and aesthetic.

Here we list 12 Creative Ways to Decorate your Living Room

1) Know your Space

Prior to sprucing up your living room, it is important to remember where you are. If you live in the tropics, choosing an industrial design scheme will look very odd with the outside environment.  Stay away from kitschy pieces and opt for one statement piece like a vintage rattan chair.

2) Select Vibrant Wallpaper

Choosing a bold wallpaper can liven up the room and will open the space up to multiple style possibilities throughout the year. Incorporate contrasting hues by mixing modern furniture with antique pieces. If wallpaper is not your thing, repaint your walls with a light pastel hue, or to make a statement repaint your ceiling with a lush vibrant hue.

3) Reposition the Furniture

If you’re on a budget, this won’t cost you a thing. The least expensive living room update is to rearrange your furniture. Moving a chair or repositioning your couch could do wonders with the flow and functionality of the space.

4) Be Playful with Pillows

Swapping out your pillows with new patterns and colors can elevate your living room with a brand new look. Mix different sized pillows with bold hues and prints to create a visually interesting living room.

5) Invest in a carpet

If your living room has neutral colored walls and staples like a coffee table, a sofa, and chairs, choose a statement vintage rug. The size of your seating area dictates how large the rug size should be. Standard modern rug sizes are 5’ x 8’ and 9’ x 12’ but vintage rugs tend to vary in size and shape.  A round or square rug can help highlight your seating area from the rest of the living room.

If the living room is primarily used for entertaining then a finely woven rug is appropriate. If your space is meant more for relaxing with the family, a casual rug is essential.

Rugs can be a great investment by bringing a warm accent to your floor. It also makes for a classy room where the addition of patterns, contrasting hues, and distinct historical origins can serve as a great conversational piece when entertaining guests.

6) Display Statement Lighting

Bring out your glamorous side by adding a tasteful brass lamp, metallic lighting, or a ceiling light like a chandelier which can bring warmth to the entire living room.  The installation of new light fixtures can brighten up your space.

7) Hang some art

Putting a new painting up on your wall is a great way to add color and a big statement to your living room. Play with shapes and color. Modern art like an abstract painting or photograph can work well to direct you on how to choose the color of your pillows and other furniture to make it into one cohesive room.

8) Refurbish your Furniture

If a piece of your furniture, like a table or chair, looks worn out and needs updating. Try the DIY trick by adding a fresh coat of paint or natural stain to bring in new life to your favorite pieces.

9) Mix-match your Patterns

Don’t be afraid to have mismatched patterns as long as the hues are monochromatic. It’s a great way to practice mixing various patterns if you’re apprehensive with adding more color to the room.

10) Style your Shelves or Bookcases

Edit your book selection and keep the pieces you really love. Group stacks of books in different ways, either horizontally or vertically then add in accent pieces like a small framed artwork or accessories. Small groups always work. To make it interesting cluster books in different colors, sizes, and textures.

11) Know your Color scheme

Make a list of the pieces in your living room and decide on your three favorite shades. Edit out the ones you don’t like. It’s always advisable to narrow down your color scheme.  A simpler palette creates a more dynamic design space. One can always add accent pieces or accessories to highlight your new living room.

 12) Make your own Bar

When in doubt, there is nothing better than having your own bar at home. It is a great way to entertain your guests over a few cocktails and drinks. If you have enough space add a few sleek bar stools and a hanging lamp in the mix and you’ll surely be the hit of the party.

Author bio: Lakshmi Iazanas

Lakshmi is an inspired content creator who switched passions from a career in interior design in order to work whilst travelling the world. A co-founder of CopyThat, a bespoke content creation studio, she focuses on putting into words the often complex and colourful thoughts of her interior and design focused clients. As one of Munich’s newest residents, Lakshmi enjoys hunting down culinary revelations whilst trying not to confuse her der/die/das’ in the local tongue.

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