9 Items You Need in Your Home Office

9 Items You Need in Your Home Office

Your home office is your own personalized work space – which should be smart and functional but also tailored to your working style – and much more comfortable than the communal office at your company HQ. Lounge on the sofa and complete your reports if you must, so long as they get done!

So, if you’re in the midst of constructing your very own home office, check out these must-haves to create a cool, cozy and inspiring work place that will make you want to put in those extra hours.


  1. Feature Book Case

Put your fancy leather bound books and interesting trinkets on display, mounted in a book case that takes center stage in your office. Go for unique styles, like shabby chic ladder shelves, or art deco-inspired Z-shaped shelves, for a real stand-out piece.


  1. Comfy Computer Chair

Just because your computer chair at work is the most uncomfortable, back-breaking piece of furniture you’ve ever sat on, doesn’t mean you can’t get better elsewhere! Treat your weary spine to an office chair that feels like you’re sat on actual clouds.

There are so many stylish choices for office chairs these days that are specially developed with your posture in mind. You can even get models that look and feel just like cozy armchairs. After years sat on horrendous computer chairs, you deserve one of these!


  1. Staple Gun

Ever thought of making a zine to promote your brand? Or want to fix something large to the wall that simply won’t stick with Blu-Tack? How about cover your chairs in some new fabric?

These seemingly unconnected projects can in fact all be completed with one staple tool – a staple gun. Fix large amounts of paper together instantly, staple decorative canvases to the wall, or switch up your furniture by stapling new material over it for a new lease of life. Voila!

And don’t just settle for any old staple gun – be confident you’re purchasing one with durability and super stapling power by checking out product reviews on the Tool Nerds website!


  1. Coffee Station

Got an important deadline coming up? Let nothing disturb you by installing a coffee station in your office – you won’t even have to leave the room to make an espresso, keeping distractions to an absolute minimum. Go for a multi-purpose coffee machine so you can customize your beverage to your mood.


  1. Sofa

Possibly a luxury you don’t have in your company’s office, a sofa helps you break up your day. Always working at a desk can feel formal and stuffy – take a break by relaxing on the sofa with your laptop every once in a while.


  1. Standing Desk

Similarly, sitting down too much can be a strain on the skeleton. Have the freedom to choose how you work by having a standing desk option in your home office.


  1. Electronic Photo Frame

Display all your favorite photographs on a slide show display, right there on your desk. Load a USB stick with pictures of your dog, your smiling kids, and the best photos from your last vacation to give your mood a little boost each time the slides change.


  1. Letter Rack

Old-fashioned, but still extremely useful: a letter rack helps you organize your important documents and keep them visible. Stuffing documents away in a drawer ‘to deal with them later’ is a huge no-no. We all know what becomes of those.

Keep important paperwork present in your mind by storing them neatly on a rack on your desk, and work through them as a matter of priority when you get a spare ten minutes.


  1. Radio

To prevent you from going stir-crazy on a deadline, always make sure you have some background music or chat on the radio to keep your brain engaged.

Humming along to tunes will keep your mood up, and keeping up to date with current affairs is a great way to stay connected to the outside world without the distractions of social media when you haven’t left your office in days…

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