Abstract Art Interiors: The New Trend You Need To Know About

Abstract Art Interiors: The New Trend You Need To Know About

Each day, the décor world comes up with unique and alluring ideas. If you browse Pinterest for some home interior ideas, you will be surprised to see that the list is unending. Are you planning for a house renovation? You must have thought about the way you want your space to be. Not sure of how it would look? In modern interiors, meeting all the criteria from charm to comfort is challenging. It should be such that it gives a sense of home (and not feel like just concrete walls around you). Abstract art interiors could be a perfect wow factor to welcome in some pizzazz. This interior design trend includes shapes and a spectrum of colors to create a masterpiece. 

Using abstract art in homes

Abstract art interiors is trending. How can you incorporate the concept of abstract art into your house? Will it make your decor look like a geometric pattern or a multi-colored illusion? Not! In short, it is using creativity to understand space. This aesthetic can be challenging to curate, but it will give a luxurious look to the whole property once you adapt to it. Here are some awesome styling tips to make your home feel more like paradise:

Begin with blocks and solid colors

Injecting blocks and solid colors create a scheme that is the backbone of the abstract art interiors. How about painting the wall red and the door black? You might think of it as weird, but trust us, this will give an eclectic look and make the house look interesting. Adding some geometric shapes into a neutral room will help to spice up a bland space. You may use color-blocking techniques on the walls with different shapes in the same color tones (say, various shades of brown, different hues of green, and so on). Trust us, that wall shall become a conversation starter.

Get the art to the floor

Stick to a similar color palette, but rather than experimenting on the walls, bring it to the floor. Mix and match patterns to play with the trend. For instance, a carpet of bright reds, pinks, and purples with neutral and nude-colored walls can complement the room’s whole look. If you plan to use abstract art on the floor, be very keen on selecting the colors you plan to blend to avoid any blunder. We recommend staying on the same side of the color wheel for safe play to avoid a jarring effect.

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Go bold with an abstract wall

Are you looking to instantly add a transformative statement to your walls? Abstract art interiors are the answer to this. The traditional hand-painted walls do not meet the standard of modern interiors. To increase the limelight of the premises, using abstract art in the form of wallpapers can be a show-stealer. Abstract wallpaper by Ever Wallpaper gives an artistic, fun feel. You can buy and select your favorite wallpaper from their online store. The best part is that the pictures on their sites are not just samples but real-life ones, giving a broader perspective. This abstract form of art epitomizes the trend and exemplifies the interpretation of the artistic statement in a range of colors and forms.  

Play with metallics and mirrors

Add a mystical twist to your home interiors by using mirrors and metallic finish to some parts of the house. For example, imagine a dark purple wall with a gigantic mirror in a golden frame or a dark blue wall adorned with a cluster of mirrors in various shapes and sizes – the effect shall be jaw-droppingly beautiful. Similarly, metallic plates and even metallic paints can make up your surreal focal wall. 

By now, you must have visualized certain rooms of your house. How does it look? Are you a fan of abstract art interiors already? However, use this tool very wisely to make a haven of art. It shouldn’t look like colors splattered all over the space. Instead, use creativity to create a cohesive design.

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