How To Blend Dehumidifiers Into Your Home’s Interior Design

How To Blend Dehumidifiers Into Your Home’s Interior Design

Since its inception in 1902 to improve the humidity at a printing plant in Brooklyn, dehumidifiers have become essential in many households because of their crucial use and benefits. To inspire you, here are ways you can blend dehumidifiers into your home’s interior design.

Dehumidifiers work to remove excess moisture in the air, and this is important because excess moisture can be hazardous. When the excess moisture is not addressed, the humidity will rise and can cause many problems to one’s general well-being and affect the structural integrity of your home.

Excess moisture inside the home causes mold growth, which is hazardous, especially to hypersensitive people. Mold exposure can cause one to cough, sneeze, have nasal congestion, itchy eyes, nose, throat, skin rash, and difficulty breathing. Children, elders, and those with weakened immune systems have a stronger reaction to molds; that is why, regardless of color, mold should be removed from the home. 

Your home’s structural integrity could also suffer when there is an increase in humidity. Wooden parts of your home like the ceiling, attic, doors, floors, and walls may weaken due to moisture. This could potentially endanger your family’s life.

Many homeowners find that dehumidifiers help keep their family and home safe; that’s why they prefer to have this inside their beautifully styled home, though at times, it could really look out of place. If you plan on getting one, read this full article for reference. 

1. Choose A Small And Slim One You Can Mount On The Wall

For a bedroom, you may opt for a small and slim design that you can easily mount on the wall like the decor. Many dehumidifiers now don’t look too chunky and heavy. Putting them up on a wall doesn’t occupy much floor space and does not become a trip hazard. This is especially important if you have seniors and little kids living with you.

2. Consider The Color

Interior designers and stylists recommend choosing black when buying electronic devices and gadgets for your home. It blends well with any interior styling concept and makes a beautiful contrast while remaining inconspicuous. Black gadgets and devices also look elegant and timeless. They’re effective in hiding stains and imperfections and much easier to clean than light-colored ones. 

3. Dress It Up

If you have a boho-chic-inspired living room, a chunky dehumidifier will look out of place and might ruin the vibe of your sophisticated styling. But if you dress it up with a boho-chic textile, it will blend seamlessly and beautifully with your overall decor. Dressing up appliances is one way of hiding them in style. Choose a fabric you like and have a seamstress do it for you, or you may DIY, too. 

4. Hide The Cables

One unpleasant thing with electronics is cables that snake around and become an eyesore. You can blend your dehumidifier beautifully and neatly in your home by ensuring that cables are hidden with the use of zip ties or wire covers. This way, it doesn’t just look tidy but also reduces the risk of tripping and accidents. 

How To Blend Dehumidifiers Into Your Home's Interior Design
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

5. Set It Atop A Stylish Desk

Portable dehumidifiers are light enough, weigh less than two kilograms, and are safe to set atop an ornate and stylish table. Whether you have a minimalist, eclectic, layered, zen, chic, or tailored style, choose a desk or tabletop that suits your style, set the device on top of it, and position the table in a part of the room where it will blend in. 

6. Hide It Behind An Indoor Plant

Putting indoor plants has become increasingly popular in recent years since the health benefits derived from them have been far-reaching. Today, many homes have potted rubber plants, peace lilies, and ferns indoors, and you can use them to conceal your dehumidifier. 

What’s great is both plants and dehumidifiers may provide you with good air quality in your home when paired together. Their presence can purify the air and make the room comfortable, so you can be stress-free and relaxed. Having refreshing surroundings can do wonders to improve your mood.

7. Mix It Up In A Gallery Of Photos

A dehumidifier mounted on the wall can be placed alongside various photographs to keep it out of sight in a non-obvious way. This kind of creative styling also does the job of keeping up with your chosen design aesthetic.


Styling a home is crucial for one’s satisfaction. Homemakers who have long waited to have their own home to style and decorate need not be bothered by a modern appliance getting in the way since this can be unobtrusively incorporated into the décor.

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