House designed for a family of eight divided into three because of the plot slope

House designed for a family of eight divided into three because of the plot slope

Architects: White Cube Atelier
Location: Damavand, Tehran Province, Iran
Year: 2015
Area: 6.458 ft²/ 600 m²
Photo courtesy: Farshid Nasrabadi

“This project is located in hasht-behesht town, Damavand- 45km far from Tehran and is designed for a family of eight. Topography of the site and view to the Mount Damavand were the principal factors which created the form. The 10% slope resulted in dividing the site to 3 parts.


Ground floor is formed at the level of the south yard. Basement is located at level of the middle yard and is connected to the upper yard by ramp and stairs. The third yard is at the lowest level; so the entire volume is a combination of 3 cubes. A part of the lowest cube is buried into soil whereas to the north the swimming pool and sport facilities open to the middle yard, it also forms a terrace related to the living room. The middle cube is divided to two shifted part; western part –including rooms- is oriented to the Mount Damavand and as a cantilevered box has created a big terrace for the 1st floor. Eastern part, housing the kitchen, is shifted toward the south yard and the main entrance. The highest cube is added to integrate the whole building.


The building’s organization is a combination of two spatial zones, private zone of rooms and public zone made up of social spaces as living rooms and diverse open spaces. All of spaces enjoy day light and natural ventilation. Master bedroom and the social space of 1st floor enjoy view to Mount Damavand through the cantilevered box and the elongated window. Interior design indicates an interaction of cool materials as seranit and gray furniture and warm materials like wood and yellow accessories.”

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