Pool House Set amidst lush greens of rural Bengal by Abin Design Studio

Pool House Set amidst lush greens of rural Bengal by Abin Design Studio

Architects: Abin Design Studio
Location: Hooghly, West Bengal, India
Year: 2015
Area: 3,670 ft²/ 340 m²
Photo courtesy: Ravi Kanade

Set in the midst of lavish greens of country Bengal, Pool House is an augmentation to the hereditary home of Mr Das. Having secured some arrive on two sides of his current lodge, the customer, a wellness devotee, required a swimming pool, gym, open yards and visitor amusement regions as an expansion to his habitation.


Fundamental Vaastu rules managed the pool to be found towards the East of the lodge. The fabricated mass of the expansion was along these lines arranged towards the North-East empowering unhampered light and ventilation to both the current habitation and the recently arranged exercise room and visitor piece. This additionally encouraged open perspectives of the swimming pool and the northern gardens from both structures.


Two gets to from the main floor of the home to the pool complex were planned as compositional elements. The passage from the South-East corner of the house advances over a little scaffold transforming into a cantilevered staircase. The scaffold mass itself demonstrates to go about as a visual boundary from the South-lying street. The fenestration for this path has been made with smooth wooden louvers to give protection while as yet empowering ventilation. The section towards the North-East corner of the cabin is composed as a current deck cantilevering out on two sides. This moderate structure supplements the current old model home. A made rock staircase drives one down to the augmentation.


The exercise center and visitor square itself is planned in a basic, smooth dialect with overhanging outline galleries and an announcement outer staircase. Louvered fenestration permits separated light into the inside making a delicate play of light and shade. This piece appreciates an all encompassing perspective of the swimming pool against an incomprehensible background of provincial greens.


The pool is verged on two sides by a constant lotus lake scattered with sculptural trees. The whitewashed limit divider behind is spotted with little corners that house lights inside of them. By night, the under-lit pool and the warm lights make a hypnotizing impact in the complex. A hot tub has been composed under the extension access to cozily sit in the midst of scene elements.


Specially crafted figures increase the value of the finishing and treatment of this living arrangement. The customer originates from a horticultural foundation and longed for the yards to be more than a green field. They were in this manner composed with verdant growth, delicate hills and coordinated lighting. A gazebo was added to the open range so one could appreciate the arranged greenery enclosure very close. Planned as a moderate casing, this structure showcases the thriving greens amongst which it sits as opposed to emerge from them.

Pool-House-Set-amidst-lush-greens-of-rural-Bengal-by-Abin-Design-Studio-06 Pool-House-Set-amidst-lush-greens-of-rural-Bengal-by-Abin-Design-Studio-07 Pool-House-Set-amidst-lush-greens-of-rural-Bengal-by-Abin-Design-Studio-08 Pool-House-Set-amidst-lush-greens-of-rural-Bengal-by-Abin-Design-Studio-09 Pool-House-Set-amidst-lush-greens-of-rural-Bengal-by-Abin-Design-Studio-10 Pool-House-Set-amidst-lush-greens-of-rural-Bengal-by-Abin-Design-Studio-11 Pool-House-Set-amidst-lush-greens-of-rural-Bengal-by-Abin-Design-Studio-12 Pool-House-Set-amidst-lush-greens-of-rural-Bengal-by-Abin-Design-Studio-13 Pool-House-Set-amidst-lush-greens-of-rural-Bengal-by-Abin-Design-Studio-14 Pool-House-Set-amidst-lush-greens-of-rural-Bengal-by-Abin-Design-Studio-15 Pool-House-Set-amidst-lush-greens-of-rural-Bengal-by-Abin-Design-Studio-16 Pool-House-Set-amidst-lush-greens-of-rural-Bengal-by-Abin-Design-Studio-17 Pool-House-Set-amidst-lush-greens-of-rural-Bengal-by-Abin-Design-Studio-18 Pool-House-Set-amidst-lush-greens-of-rural-Bengal-by-Abin-Design-Studio-19 Pool-House-Set-amidst-lush-greens-of-rural-Bengal-by-Abin-Design-Studio-20 Pool-House-Set-amidst-lush-greens-of-rural-Bengal-by-Abin-Design-Studio-21 Pool-House-Set-amidst-lush-greens-of-rural-Bengal-by-Abin-Design-Studio-22

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