Minacciolo Loft in Milan by Silvio Stefani

Minacciolo Loft in Milan by Silvio Stefani

Architects: Silvio Stefani
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Marco Silotto, Enrico Dal Zotto

A metropolitan space embraced by Minà and Natural Skin can divulge the expressive potential and in addition the thinking behind the space. The dark metal and the cooked wood, combine together to make scenographic situations with a safe sculptural effect. The spaces are open and dynamic and get much acclaim – on account of the adaptability of the conceivable formats.


The inside offers ascend to and expresses close and dramatic impressions, whilst as yet wedding up the perfect and down to earth side of a thought of solace which is genuinely contemporary. The air gets to be alert and stylishly like days passed by, with extraordinary hints of refined and unequivocal lines. An agreeable union Minà and Natural Skin are distinctive lines, both in the materials they utilize and shapes they take. Common Skin is described by incline, geometric and insignificant lines, though the Minà line indicates more references to custom.


Two distinct styles, ready to coincide in flawless agreement. Minà, the object of craving Minà is the new idea for the multi-practical island, where convention meets bleeding edge advancements, refined points of interest and top notch craftsmanship.


The clarity of dark metal and its shape get to be immortal and the exemplification of the kitchens that are adjusted for various sorts of rooms, be it moderate or conventional. Characteristic Skin, the glow of wood A warm normal skin envelopes the aggregate dark structure of Natural Skin. A line intended to make the ideal amalgamation of characteristic and present day innovation. The consistency of the wood – unlaquered however treated with a particular procedure and the smoothness of the metal union together to make the ideal parity.

Minacciolo-Loft-in-Milan-by-Silvio-Stefani-04 Minacciolo-Loft-in-Milan-by-Silvio-Stefani-05 Minacciolo-Loft-in-Milan-by-Silvio-Stefani-06 Minacciolo-Loft-in-Milan-by-Silvio-Stefani-07 Minacciolo-Loft-in-Milan-by-Silvio-Stefani-08 Minacciolo-Loft-in-Milan-by-Silvio-Stefani-09 Minacciolo-Loft-in-Milan-by-Silvio-Stefani-10 Minacciolo-Loft-in-Milan-by-Silvio-Stefani-11

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