Smart ways to integrate an inflatable hot tub into your backyard design

Smart ways to integrate an inflatable hot tub into your backyard design

Generally, homeowners lack creativity when it comes to integrating an inflatable hot tub into their backyards. But there are ways to create a cohesive backyard design while enjoying the perks of a hot tub. Landscaping and outdoor furniture play huge roles in this entire deal, but to learn how to handle the process on your own, keep reading below.

Choose the right placement

Because hot tubs are perfect relaxation areas, we recommend thinking carefully about the placement of your tub. You want to use all existing protection you have and you want to choose a remote and intimate area of your backyard. Don’t leave your tub under the curious eyes of your neighbors.

Maybe one of the greatest placement tips out there is installing your tub next to one or two of the existing walls in your yard.

This will help you hide as many sides as possible, and it will help you enhance the existing design of your property. If you decide to install your tub next to one of the existing walls in your home, cover it in wood before installing your product. This will help you boost coziness and comfort levels, and it will offer the entire corner a more intimate feel.

Think about surrounding it with an outdoor room

To recreate the feeling of a veritable spa, try to surround your hot tub with an outdoor room. Consider creating a fiberglass door enclosure for it. Bring in some suitable furniture. A small table and a set of comfortable chairs will do the trick. Bring a small wooden closet. This will help you keep your towels and other hot tub essentials nearby. If the space that you have allows, a minibar would be more than welcome. There are smart ways to use Ikea trays to DIY a minibar, make sure to search for those and follow the instructions.

A walk-in spa

If you have a set of sliding doors opening the living room into the backyard, you can build a deck around your hot tub. Follow the advice above and try to bring some of the spa experience into your backyard with a proper set of outdoor furniture.

Turn it into a focal point

Because hot tubs come in many designs and models, you want to start by reading a comprehensive inflatable hot tubs guide. Once you decide on the design of your tub, you can go ahead and plot how you’ll be turning this element into the most interesting part of your backyard.

A wooden enclosure far from your home can quickly become a valuable aesthetic asset of your home. Place the hot tub underneath, but be careful of its installation. Installing your hot tub away from the main building involves a complex drainage system, handled by professionals. In most of the cases, the company delivering your tub will be willing to perform its installation as per your request. However, you can forget about this step altogether if you go for an inflatable product. These versions are fully portable and as long as you have an electrical outlet nearby, you’re all set and ready to use it.

But on to the design part. When trying to emphasize the aesthetic of your hot tub in a similar design, try to incorporate some intricate landscaping elements as well. Some greenery planted right next to your wooden enclosure will beautifully tie together all the elements described above.

Hide the hot tub away

If you want to keep your backyard landscape as minimalist as possible, concealing it completely is always a great idea. Custom-built in-ground enclosures for hot tubs may be one of the easiest ways you can achieve the perfect balance and preserve the existing backyard space. When not actively using it, you can consider placing a set of outdoor furniture on top of your custom deck. It will look just like your average patio.

A sundeck would work wonderfully

Sometimes, hot tub owners might still want to lay back and relax under the warm summer sun. And luckily for them, a sundeck will also bring a series of aesthetic advantages, apart from the obvious, functional ones. Choose a sundeck with an intricate shape to raise your guests’ interest. A semi-circle sundeck will help you get the desired effect in an easy and affordable way. Other solutions might even double as a wood cover for your hot tub. Think of functionality, too.

A royal enclosure

If you’re the type of person who wants to emphasize their home design skills, a royal enclosure for your hot tub might be just the perfect choice. Once you decide on what fabrics to use for your enclosure, you can start thinking about the finishing touches. A few torch lights carefully placed around your hot tub, some big candles and decorative plants will turn a boring enclosure into a stylistic masterpiece.

Garden igloo hot tub enclosure

A glass igloo definitely has a romantic vibe and it makes a perfect choice for a hot tub enclosure. It also protects your addition from the elements, allowing you to use it even during those cold winter months. Just make sure you bring an outdoor air heater inside your glass igloo and you’re all set to use the hot tub all year round.

Gazebo hot tub enclosure

Although gazebos are versatile and can be used for multiple purposes, few homeowners think about using these as hot tub enclosures. They can be easily turned into the focal point of your back yard and are a great way o keep your privacy.

Try to recreate one of the design ideas above and turn your backyard into a relaxation oasis. Not many homeowners think about creating a visually appealing backyard design when including an inflatable hot tub as part of their properties. But everything can turn out looking stunning, with the right décor choices.

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