7 Ways To Improve Your Garage’s Safety 

7 Ways To Improve Your Garage’s Safety 

When it comes to the safety of your home, most people focus on the house itself and not on the garage’s safety. As a result, the garage can be neglected, ensuring that unwanted visitors can gain entry. However, you can use these 7 ways to improve your garage’s safety. This article shows you how you can do just that. 

1. Improve Your Garage Door for Safety 

If you have an old garage door, consider replacing it. Canadoor Garage Doors and other security doors can help to prevent someone from breaking in. 

If you don’t want to buy a new door, lubricate the tracks and check the door for physical damage. Has the door been repaired if it needs it? 

2. Keep Your Garage Door Closed to Improve your Garage’s Safety

Don’t make the mistake of keeping your garage door open. If you do, everyone can see what it contains. 

Keep your garage door closed so its contents are safer

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3. Install Lights And Sensors

  • If your garage lighting is poor, it won’t help with security. 
  • Install lights and sensors that detect motion. 
  • They’ll also make it easier to see when you’re leaving your home. 

4. Tint The Windows

If your garage has windows, be sure to tint them. Regardless of how high the windows are, people can look in them. 

Tint the windows, so what you keep in your garage is unclear. In this way you can improve your garage’s safety Make sure they still let a bit of light in, should you wish them to. 

5. Keep Valuables Elsewhere

Please don’t make the mistake of keeping valuables in your garage. Here’s why:

  • Garages are usually seen as easy ways to access a property 
  • Your valuables won’t be as safe as they are elsewhere in your home 
  • There’s a real potential that your valuables will be stolen
  • Keep your valuables elsewhere, so you know that they’re much safer. 
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6. Install An Alarm

Installing an alarm is the ideal way to help keep your garage’s safety and intruders away. Installing an alarm can also help you to feel safe. Be sure to buy a good alarm that works well and acts as a deterrent. Don’t forget to test your alarm from time to time to make sure it still works. 

7. Hide The Garage Door Remote 

  • Make sure you hide your garage door remote. Keep it someplace safe. 
  • Keeping your garage door remote in your glove box is not a good idea. 
  • Some people keep the remote under their car seat; this is also a mistake. 
  • Always take the remote with you when you leave your vehicle. This ensures it is much safer. 
  • If you have a garage door remote connected to your phone, take your phone with you. 
  • Increase your phone’s security if you need to so another person cannot access the relevant app. 
  • It would help if you kept your garage safe as it is an entry to your home. Use the above seven tips to help improve its safety, so it’s less likely to be broken into.  

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