Bukit Pantai Residence by OOZN

Bukit Pantai Residence by OOZN

Architects: OOZN
Location: Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Year: 2015
Area: 8,073 sq. ft / 750 sq. m
Photo courtesy: Lin Ho

OOZN’s Bukit Pantai idea envisions three layered lightweight private structures drifting over a verdant Kuala Lumpur slope. The structures are clad in a streaming aluminum fabric skin that reacts to changing light conditions. Punctures screen the insides from the cruel tropical sun whilst the undulating geometry makes the impression of development.


Situated in favor of a verdant slope in one of KL’s best settled rural areas OOZN’s Bukit Pantai idea looks to screen and invigorate a 1960’s slope home. The house takes the type of three layered living spaces which course down the slope towards the focal point of KL. The prevalently coated Northern veneer offers terrific perspectives towards the City whilst the Northern structure is neglected by the road. Initially imagined as an office region the customer wished to change over the Northern structure into the homes expert suite expanding the requirement for protection. As a gatherer of contemporary workmanship and outline the proprietor likewise longed for the very unmistakable Northern passageway structure to go about as an augmentation of his craft accumulation whilst mixing with the current road and scenes. The house sits in a peaceful Cul-de-sac containing singular innovator estates dating from the 1960’s.


OOZN’s idea takes the thought of a delicate room blind encompassing the inside space and transposes it to the structure outside with a streaming aluminum fabric skin. The streaming skin is then punctured to transmit light to the inside whilst the aperture design thickness takes after the format of the current windows. The outline plays on a metallic material all the more usually saw as hard and frosty utilized as a lightweight fabric wrap. The passage structure sits 3.5m over a straightforward grass with a line of trees further screening the structure from the road. The blend of materials, structure, reflectivity and scene join to make the feeling that the structure is skimming over the scene. The outside lighting outline further improves this impact at evening. The boards were manufactured in an expert Guangzhou workshop. The principal stage in the process handcrafts earth molds, in view of the designer’s 3D model, before utilizing a pneumatic press to shape 2.5mm aluminum sheets to the geometry of the mold. The squeezed boards are then punctured and powder covered before transportation to site for establishment.

Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-03 Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-04 Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-05 Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-06 Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-07 Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-08 Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-09 Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-10 Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-11 Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-12 Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-13 Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-14 Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-15 Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-16 Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-17 Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-18 Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-19 Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-20 Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-21 Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-22 Bukit-Pantai-Residence-by-OOZN-23

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