Xixi Wetland Apartment Buildings by David Chipperfield Architects

Xixi Wetland Apartment Buildings by David Chipperfield Architects

Architects: David Chipperfield Architects
Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Year: 2015
Area: 127,014 sq. ft / 11,800 sq. m
Photo courtesy: Simon Menges

Xixi, a national wetland park situated on the edges of Hangzhou, is a constructed scene and a territory of nature, which has been shaped by man for over a thousand years.


The ubiquitous relationship between scene, engineering, and water is vital to the environment in Xixi. This environment has been incorporated into another improvement of loft structures.


The flat structures are encompassed by a water patio nursery, which, as a source of perspective to the wetland park, is a generally wild scene. Rather than these green surroundings, the structures show up as dull stone volumes implanted in the water garden. They are, as is normal for towns in Xixi, put on a stone plinth that sits in the water.


This plinth shapes the base of a town bunch with different levels, dividers, and balustrades making an arrangement of outside spaces, which empower access to the structures. The insides are portrayed by skimming spaces. Room tallness windows take into consideration common light and perspectives over the water garden.

Xixi-Wetland-Apartment-Buildings-by-David-Chipperfield-Architects-04 Xixi-Wetland-Apartment-Buildings-by-David-Chipperfield-Architects-05 Xixi-Wetland-Apartment-Buildings-by-David-Chipperfield-Architects-06 Xixi-Wetland-Apartment-Buildings-by-David-Chipperfield-Architects-07 Xixi-Wetland-Apartment-Buildings-by-David-Chipperfield-Architects-08 Xixi-Wetland-Apartment-Buildings-by-David-Chipperfield-Architects-09 Xixi-Wetland-Apartment-Buildings-by-David-Chipperfield-Architects-10 Xixi-Wetland-Apartment-Buildings-by-David-Chipperfield-Architects-11 Xixi-Wetland-Apartment-Buildings-by-David-Chipperfield-Architects-12 Xixi-Wetland-Apartment-Buildings-by-David-Chipperfield-Architects-13 Xixi-Wetland-Apartment-Buildings-by-David-Chipperfield-Architects-14 Xixi-Wetland-Apartment-Buildings-by-David-Chipperfield-Architects-15 Xixi-Wetland-Apartment-Buildings-by-David-Chipperfield-Architects-16 Xixi-Wetland-Apartment-Buildings-by-David-Chipperfield-Architects-17 Xixi-Wetland-Apartment-Buildings-by-David-Chipperfield-Architects-18 Xixi-Wetland-Apartment-Buildings-by-David-Chipperfield-Architects-19 Xixi-Wetland-Apartment-Buildings-by-David-Chipperfield-Architects-20 Xixi-Wetland-Apartment-Buildings-by-David-Chipperfield-Architects-21 Xixi-Wetland-Apartment-Buildings-by-David-Chipperfield-Architects-22 Xixi-Wetland-Apartment-Buildings-by-David-Chipperfield-Architects-23

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