Townhouse with a Folding-Up Shutter by MM++ architects

Townhouse with a Folding-Up Shutter by MM++ architects

Architects: MM++ architects
Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Year: 2015
Area: 2,540 sq. ft / 236 sq. m
Photo courtesy: Hiroyuki Oki

This house is situated in region 7 in Saigon, on a bustling road. The plot is 4m (13ft) wide X 17m (56ft) profound. The avenues in Vietnamese downtown areas are dynamic, brimming with life and these shop houses are a piece of that urban scene, where limits between general society and the private are foggy.


This task proposes a moderate and contemporary methodology of the conventional shop house typology. Like a run of the mill Vietnamese townhouse, the front part of the ground floor is possibly committed to business movement amid the day, completely open onto the walkway, while it’s likewise utilized as the proprietor’s habitation.


The customary screens, run of the mill of the Southeast Asian provincial engineering, have been transformed into a more modern configuration single timber shade, with a collapsing up opening framework. When it’s open, it makes a sunshade for the front space. When it’s shut, despite everything it permits changeless ventilation.


The house is made out of 4 stories. A vast sky facing window in the back conveys normal lighting to each rooms and bathrooms. In blend, the front louvers with the open sky facing window permit lasting cross ventilation through the house.


Interestingly with the ground floor, the rooms are gathered in a suspended volume inside the fundamental space. The inside outline is a blend of crude materials, moderate and modern components.

townhouse-with-a-folding-up-shutter-by-mm-architects-05 townhouse-with-a-folding-up-shutter-by-mm-architects-06 townhouse-with-a-folding-up-shutter-by-mm-architects-07 townhouse-with-a-folding-up-shutter-by-mm-architects-08 townhouse-with-a-folding-up-shutter-by-mm-architects-09 townhouse-with-a-folding-up-shutter-by-mm-architects-10 townhouse-with-a-folding-up-shutter-by-mm-architects-11 townhouse-with-a-folding-up-shutter-by-mm-architects-12 townhouse-with-a-folding-up-shutter-by-mm-architects-13 townhouse-with-a-folding-up-shutter-by-mm-architects-14 townhouse-with-a-folding-up-shutter-by-mm-architects-15 townhouse-with-a-folding-up-shutter-by-mm-architects-16 townhouse-with-a-folding-up-shutter-by-mm-architects-17 townhouse-with-a-folding-up-shutter-by-mm-architects-18 townhouse-with-a-folding-up-shutter-by-mm-architects-19

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