Yak01 Residence by Ayutt and Associates Design

Yak01 Residence by Ayutt and Associates Design

Architects: Ayutt and Associates Design
Location : Yen Akat road, Bangkok, Thailand
Year: 2013
Site area : 6,028 sqft / 560 sqm
Photographer:  Piyawut Srisakul

YAK01 is another currently composed house situated on Yen Akat Road, Bangkok, Thailand. The house is particularly intended for a little present day gang.

4_resizeIt is made out of a 560 sq.m private area and 500 sq. m usable inward space. Despite the fact that the usable space of the area is constrained, the customer needed a current house with sun shades and rain securities and in addition a substantial greenery range to appreciate.

1_resizeAfter various hours of configuration arranging and gatherings, the engineer proposed cantilevering for all intents and purposes half of the house over the ground floor region. This would free more space in the greenery enclosure while taking after the regulations. The house is outlined fit as a fiddle to improve the usable space and green zone. One side of the house’s mass is planned near a neighboring plot of area to expand the green space.


The bathrooms, administration territories, stockpiles and staircases are outlined as support zones to assimilate the warmth and give more protection to the principle private space on the north. A large portion of glass dividers are additionally in the house’s north keeping in mind the end goal to get regular daylight since the northern daylight is the minimum extraordinary in Thailand. Furthermore, 50 percent of the area is an open space for cultivating that can be noticeable from each point. The swimming pool is situated in parallel with the building to draw cool air into the house.


The planner’s principle concerns are to keep the building cool amid daytime and give cross-ventilation from restricting windows for each room. The design fulfills the customer’s need, as well as gives a characteristic ventilation and liberal open air territory contrasted and that of a little plot with comparative encompassing properties.


The ground floor is orchestrated as a Thai customary house plan with a focal patio that capacities as an element lobby and merchant before getting to the principle living space. A staircase encased in a glass box is gliding over this hidden front greenery enclosure as a fundamental element for the passage.


The primary living space is situated in the inside as the gliding structure where the family can appreciate the open air garden and swimming pool. The living space specifically associate with the patio, the greenery enclosure and the swimming pool with twofold – stature collapsing windows that encourage the combination of spaces. The methodology of arranging a swimming pool in the house’s back creates a space that is assorted and suitable to different exercises.


The main room upstairs is totally cantilevered over the entire length of front lobby. It is composed fit as a fiddle to make highlight compositional component. The configuration does upgrade the tasteful component as well as give shading to the habitation in the same manner as a customary Thai house. To fuse a present day feeling to the house outline, the draftsman introduced modified Silver Aluminum Extrusion Strip vertically on the expert’s mass room and main restroom. The strips make the house resemble a silver box gliding on a dark stone sheet underneath. This Aluminum strips are additionally intended for air cradle protection to chill off the primary room space.


The other two rooms are situated on another side of the house by reaching out on top of the swimming pool on a cantilevered solid section encased by a major glass divider with dark aluminum cladding.


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