Piso 11 by Agraz Arquitectos

Piso 11 by by Agraz Arquitectos

Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Year: 2009

Area: 160 sqm

Photo courtesy: Mito Covarrubias


Located in the down town square of Guadalajara with North-South orientation, this 80’s built apartment brings a recurrent challenge to the firm: recycling. Therefore, the goal is to give a renewed personality to its 160 square meters and to freshen up its already existing functional and efficient program, having as only problem the wearing of time.Piso 11  (1)

Transformation is the aim, erasing the stories of an unknown past in order to write the new and unborn ones. It is also about reconsidering and reassessing spaces, highlighting the skills of the former project and correcting the unfortunate ones to optimize it all.Piso 11  (2)

This is how intervention is subtle as for modifications on indoor plant. The most significant is in the kitchen which becomes totally open, and thus shortening its length, comes to be more efficient while gaining surface areas and visual wideness.Piso 11  (3)

The flat’s skin is completely renewed. In both bedrooms, bathrooms, living and dinning rooms, kitchen, as well as ceilings, had their textures changed, and therefore all lighting systems modified. These come to emphasize certain places and to soften others by means of scenery light displays.Piso 11  (4)

All other gear is also updated, that is taps, faucets and built-in lavatories, achieving a totally renewed sensation. The integral intervention includes natural granite kitchen surfaces with stainless steel on walls, matt wooden floors, and single piece marble plates for bathrooms.Piso 11  (5)

As an extension of the firms’ custom, the remodeling provided art and design pieces as part of the scenery and as one more of the essential needs of the renewal. This 11th Floor is, then again, an opportunity for the dwellers for a second affable chance.

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Piso 11 Original Floor

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