BAAN 0.60 House by Integrated Field

BAAN 0.60 House by Integrated Field

Architects: Integrated Field
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Year: 2015
Area: 3,660 sqft / 340 sqm
Photo courtesy: Wison Tungthunya

With proprietor’s propensity for getting a charge out of flawless and clean space, BAAN 0.60 is a dream of making a negligible space where dependably keeps up its immaculateness from any proofs of living.


The arrangement of bureau framework, which works along the house pivot and associated with each and every space, permits the family to serenely sort out things in the covering space and additionally the structure and hardware.


Aside from concealing things, the bureau framework additionally makes the association between spaces including dissemination and ventilation. In addition, it gives the administration approach to keep the house simple for the upkeep.


The straight void on the rooftop makes a vertical association in the middle of inside and outside which gives the common light and ventilation to the hallway.


All spaces are gathered from the 0.60 x 0.60m network, which is the simplest developing module because of the auxiliary framework and building material. This system creates the ideal arrangement of each and every separating line.


BAAN 0.60 is an endeavor to produce an interminable perfect scene of moderation by making a living framework that fits in with the living conduct of the family unit.

BAAN-0.60-House-by-Integrated-Field-06 BAAN-0.60-House-by-Integrated-Field-07 BAAN-0.60-House-by-Integrated-Field-08 BAAN-0.60-House-by-Integrated-Field-09 BAAN-0.60-House-by-Integrated-Field-10 BAAN-0.60-House-by-Integrated-Field-11 BAAN-0.60-House-by-Integrated-Field-12 BAAN-0.60-House-by-Integrated-Field-13 BAAN-0.60-House-by-Integrated-Field-14 BAAN-0.60-House-by-Integrated-Field-15 BAAN-0.60-House-by-Integrated-Field-16 BAAN-0.60-House-by-Integrated-Field-17 BAAN-0.60-House-by-Integrated-Field-18 BAAN-0.60-House-by-Integrated-Field-19 BAAN-0.60-House-by-Integrated-Field-20 BAAN-0.60-House-by-Integrated-Field-21 BAAN-0.60-House-by-Integrated-Field-22 BAAN-0.60-House-by-Integrated-Field-23

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