Worldwide tour on the upholstered furniture features

Worldwide tour on the upholstered furniture features

Sofas and armchairs are manufactured in every country. But only models that are exported create the national flavor, create a portrait of Italian, English or French upholstered furniture. Lets get into the worldwide tour on the upholstered furniture features:


Italian upholstered furniture

Excellent design. Traditionally, Italians are considered to be strong in their classic design. For the Italian style, as it developed historically, it is close to the rest of the European classics. Upholstered furniture is distinguished by curved wooden legs and backs decorated with carvings. The relief of the carving is emphasized by gilding and silvering, which, as hundreds of years ago, are applied using the finest foil. Another type of finish – patina – is a light, dark, gold, or colored “touch” that creates the illusion of antique furniture. Classic armchairs and sofas are also recognizable by the special armrests that fold outward with a “shell”.

The factories of this country are proud of the cooperation with the best architects, and many companies have been dictating the laws of furniture fashion to the whole world for decades. Today the phrase Made in Italy has become synonymous with excellent design and high quality. Any styles are available – from baroque to hi-tech.


Spanish upholstered furniture

Palace luxury. The Spaniards are famous for their classic-style soft furnishings. In terms of the quality of work with wood, it is not worse than Italian, and its cost is always somewhat lower. The abundance of carving, gilding, and rich fabrics of the Spanish “palace classics” are close to many lovers of the royal image. But there are also brands in Spain that have managed to make a name in the field of modern design.


German upholstered furniture

Innovation. Germans, Belgians, Austrians, Swiss emphasize the manufacturability of objects.

Modern German furniture is, of course, of impeccable quality, ultramodern design, comfort, reliability, safety, and environmentally friendly materials. Distinctive features are the durability and reliability of the frames of sofas and armchairs, which are made from solid hardwood and high-quality steel. Premium genuine leather and soft textiles are used for upholstery.

The multifunctionality of German sofas is their main feature and credo of modern design. Their modern-style upholstered furniture is often equipped with intricate transformation mechanisms. TVs are built into German sofas, their backs and armrests are bent. In some sofas, the backrest and armrests can be adjusted to ten positions. All seat models are equipped with numerous comfort features. Laconic forms, clarity of contour, and harmony. Some models even have massage and back heating functions.

The armchairs, on the other hand, rotate around their axis together with the seated person – you just have to press a secret button. Many German sofas and other items of upholstered furniture win competitions for “new technologies”, have patents for innovative mechanisms.

Worldwide tour on the upholstered furniture features

French upholstered furniture

Grace and practicality. French sofas are often equipped with transformation mechanisms and turn into comfortable beds at night. And this is not surprising, because many residents of this country live in small apartments. Unlike Italian designers, who are promoted by the press like movie stars, the French are more modest. Maybe that’s why their designs are more elegant, more intelligent. Classical sofas are no less good: models will never be overly decorated – the French have a subtle sense of beauty.


American upholstered furniture

Impressive conservatism. If you are not complaining about the lack of living space, American sofas and armchairs will probably suit you. These models are much more impressive than their European counterparts – higher, wider, deeper.

American furniture is so popular because natural luxury is not suppressed, but rather adorned with unique designs. Such furniture does not seem kitsch, on the contrary, it tends to acquire an elegant look and style.

American furniture is a truly unique combination of unique design, which is important and determined by the creativity of ideas, as well as the use of quality materials – precious woods, expensive leather, first-class textiles.

Particularly noteworthy are American sofas, which serve not only to perform any specific functions in the formation of the interior, but act as an effective symbol of a certain attitude in life, a certain style, and determine the status of their owner. The best way to find this kind of sofa is to search for it online. NY Furniture Outlets is one of the best online shops that provide American upholstered furniture and leather sofas especially.

Thanks to American leather sofas, a significant aesthetic effect is created, which also extends to other pieces of furniture. You will never be offered floral upholstery, nor should you rely on brightly colored fabrics. American sofas are conservative in nature: neutral beige textiles, leather in natural shades (clay, sand, brick). Wood carving is also rare. The legs are the only visible part of the frame. The design of the sofa with the skirt is especially loved by

Worldwide tour on the upholstered furniture features

English upholstered furniture

Strictly British style. You can learn the purity of style from Great Britain brands. The famous quilted “Chesterfield” is the national pride of the inhabitants of Foggy Albion. English sofas are in many ways similar to American sofas, which is quite natural. However, British furniture makers love stripes, checkered patterns including floral, upholstery ornaments. In general, English sofas and armchairs are quite traditional: there are mostly straight models for two or three seats. Corner and even modular configurations are rare.

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