E house by Agraz Arquitectos

E house by Agraz Arquitectos

Architects: Agraz Arquitectos
Location: Jalisco, Mexico
Area: 5,845 sqft / 543 sqm
Year: 2004
Photo courtesy: Agraz Arquitectos

The ground where the house possessed by the Espinosa Viramontes family is intriguing all things considered confounded. Being the fourth house constructed by Ricardo Agraz for this customer, see that few changes in the family’s life have lead to consistent moving.

E House (1)Named E House, it appears to overcome a very mind boggling site, accomplishing an unobtrusive and serene dialog with other neighboring houses. As to drafts, building leaves three fringes that offer spot to extremely dynamic outside spaces in a standard ground arrangement for a triangular site.

E House (2)An extensive focal yard ensured by a wooden cross section that controls light and shadow turns into the articulating point where family movement happens. What’s more, a twofold tallness space where passageway and anteroom are finishes the region which is likewise enlivened by a roundabout stairway that prompts the second floor.

E House (3)Light assumes a principle part that discovers magnificence in completely open white spaces, producing top notch rooms that dialog with the outside via deliberately thought windows. These post to honorable greenery enclosures that encompass the house perceiving the geometry and development of the territory.

E House (4)Regular building materials bring a calm dialect that is additionally rich, trimming free, flagging the straightforwardness of lines.The house itself discusses a structural engineering that is fit for drawing out the best in basic and solid spatial conditions, and in figures raised from clean and depurated outlines.

E House (5) E House (6) E House (7) E House (8) E House (9) E House (10) E House (11) E House (12) E House (13) E House (14) E House (15) E House (16) E House (17) E House (18) E House (19) E House (20) E House (21) E House (22)

E House First Floor E House Ground Floor E House Section A-A' E House Texts

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