Contemporary Renovation of Queen’s Gate Place in London by Buzzi & Buzzi

Contemporary Renovation of Queen’s Gate Place in London by Buzzi & Buzzi

Architects: Buzzi & Buzzi
Location: London, England
Year: 2016
Photo courtesy: Armani Casa

A lighting design that sets a precise goal: to rehabilitate, thanks to the light, the Queen’s Gate Place, a prestigious historic London building site in an upscale residential area of ​​the city.


Within a complex renovation project, which in 2013 – 2014 saw the restoration of the entire building, Buzzi & Buzzi – Lombard company among the leaders in the lighting industry – has realized a careful lighting study aimed to enhance detail the original architectural structure. Extol without distorting, renew preserving the beauty of the building and retaining the features: an incredibly contemporary project in full respect of the precious original features – that have been highlighted by a painstaking work of composition and detail – and the typical architectural style of the neighborhood where the building is located.


To give new life to the details and to the façade finish, highlighting the ancient beauty, Buzzi & Buzzi chose Minivirtus, a device for external wall that has been able, with elegance and discretion, embellish the architectural details emerged through restructuring. Minivirtus is made DurCoral®, a new material be decorated with painting, with similar aesthetic characteristics to white cement, but technologically suitable for the production of lighting devices from outside. It is an aggregate that allows very high performances in terms of quality, flow, strength and finish; characterized by the ability to resist abrasion, insensitive to ultraviolet light, pollution and atmospheric agents.


For the interior, Buzzi & Buzzi has chosen to use an ambient light, delicate and soft, able to convey emotions, create a unique atmosphere and, at the same time, ensure the correct lighting of the rooms.


For stays, studies, cinema, the kitchens, the bedrooms have been used Nephi and Jacobox, technical products recessed ceiling which, thanks to the material they are made, and the linear and clean design that distinguishes them, you they are integrated perfectly into the surfaces, reaching an extraordinary result of total disappearance.The light stands as a protagonist within the spaces, playing with the furniture, creating shadows and plasticity can give new meaning to objects.

contemporary-renovation-queens-gate-place-london-buzzi-buzzi-05For the bathrooms and for the SPA, Buzzi & Buzzi chose Idrout: Completely recessed luminaire, offering the right light and at the same time, to resist moisture present in these environments. Idrout is realized in Coral Water Out®, a material that prevents water penetration in its interior. The water-repellent effect remains unaltered over time, as it is not a surface finish but an intrinsic characteristic of Coral Water Out® same. Maintenance-free, Coral Water Out® adds proofing durability, strength and beauty of the typical Coral®.

Discreet and minimal, this product improves the atmosphere through the light, making it intimate and relaxing and offering incredible feelings of well being .


Finally, the main staircase, Buzzi & Buzzi has created, through Invisiled – Completely recessed luminaire – an itinerary of fascinating light, a real light guide, able to reinvent the architecture, adding to the space quality.

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