Casa BC by GLR Arquitectos

Casa BC by GLR Arquitectos

Architects: GLR Arquitectos
Location: Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Year: 2011
Area: 1450 m2
Photos courtesy: Jorge Taboada

Our venture is in a favored topographic circumstance, because of its visual state of more prominent tallness in connection to the encompassing neighbors. This permits the house to appreciate astounding vistas towards the National Park of Chipinque in the south, and also towards the majority of the east, which is overwhelmed in the skyline by the “Cerro de la Silla”, a meaningful slope in the limits of the city of Monterrey.


The proposed access to the site is situated in the North side of it, rising through a long incline that leads you to the largest amount, where the floor arrangement is found.

Casa-BC-00-2With basic, immaculate geometric volumes, but instead testing auxiliary arrangements, our task expects to inspire a picture of gentility inside of a dialect of substantial and huge volumes. Albeit shading does not have yet a critical vicinity in our work, this task steps forward into the investigation of new materials, as it is the dark rock and the white uncovered cement, notwithstanding the identity that the immense measure of uncovered steel components provides for the building.

Casa-BC-00-3At last, it is critical to specify that past its bio-climatic capacity, the execution of green rooftops as an approach to incorporate the scene, attempting to preserve the regular surroundings of the zone, constantly commanded by the vicinity of the breathtaking Sierra Madre mountain range.

Casa-BC-00The house was imagined like a “Practical House” following the starting, so it has a study on vivacious productivity, which investigates the sun direction and the common winds in different children of the year. As an aftereffect of these studies, the house has differing frameworks of disconnection, similar to its twofold dividers with poliisocianurate, an environmental separator; twofold windows with low emissivity (Low-E) glass; frameworks of pluvial water gathering and dark water treatment for watering system, sun powered oars for pool warming and garden enlightenment, sun based water radiators, hydronic warming frameworks to diminish the force utilization, south arranged sky facing windows, and in addition a scene venture with local vegetation.

Casa-BC-01-1 Casa-BC-01-2 Casa-BC-01-3Casa-BC-01-4 Casa-BC-01 Casa-BC-02 Casa-BC-03 Casa-BC-04-1 Casa-BC-04Casa-BC-06-0 Casa-BC-06-1 Casa-BC-06 Casa-BC-07-1 Casa-BC-07-2 Casa-BC-07Casa-BC-15 Casa-BC-18 Casa-BC-19 Casa-BC-22 Casa-BC-24-2 Casa-BC-24-3Casa-BC-25 Casa-BC-26-0 Casa-BC-26-1 Casa-BC-26 Casa-BC-27 Casa-BC-28Casa-BC-29-1 Casa-BC-29 Casa-BC-40 Casa-BC-41 Casa-BC-42 Casa-BC-43

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