8th Ave. by _naturehumaine

8th Ave. by _naturehumaine

Architects: _naturehumaine
Location: Montreal, Canada
Year: 2013
Area: 1,630 sqft
Photos courtesy: Adrien Williams

This intercession changed a private two story duplex in Rosemount into a solitary abiding unit by totally revamping the inside and building a 430 sqft augmentation in the back.

8E-0001The augmentation incorporates a main room on the second floor and a family room that gives onto a close garden at ground level. Standing pleased on a run of the mill Montreal laneway, the augmentation goes about as a guide of curiosity and dynamism.

8E-0002While little work was done to the front veneer, this expansion was outlined conversely, with splendid hues, a calculated structure, and liberal coating.


Take a shot at the inside focused on uncovering and highlighting the excellence of existing wooden auxiliary dividers and pillars and supporting them with a more unpretentious bed of materials. Characteristic sunlight is carried into the center with an extensive bay window and glass floor set at the focal point of the house.

8e-0004 8E-0005 8E-0006 8E-0007 8E-0008 8E-0009 8E-0010 8E-0011 8E-0013

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