JA Cholul House by Taller Estilo Arquitectura

JA Cholul House by Taller Estilo Arquitectura

Architects: Taller Estilo Arquitectura
Location: Cholul, Yucatan, Mexico
Year: 2015
Area: 2.196 sqft / 204 sqm
Photo courtesy: David Cervera

The venture is situated in the town of Cholul, a residential area in the district of Merida in Yucatan, Mexico. In a region of 1500 m2.


The compositional system: hall, multifunctional space (lounge room, kitchen) patio, studio, workshop, main room, visitor room, administration range, pool and plant. The thought: to fabricate a home that meets the states of the setting, to take advantage of the characteristic assets accessible and augment quality and solace.


An appreciated esplanade comprising of previous vegetation is joined with the house and the verging on symmetrical workmanship dividers, the inside course starts in the patio nursery anteroom, concentrated on a biome with a little biological community to keep the spread of mosquitoes. A multipurpose helped solid cross section gives us a look of the space made out of lounge and kitchen, grasped by yards, one dry and the other wet. The main room is superimposed on the ground on a stage, as an extraordinary various leveled component which permits a general perspective of all territories of the task.


The visitor room wrapped in stone dividers from the area is missing from the project to reproduce a space of serenity confronting the encompassing vegetation. At last, the workshop shuts the focal yard with the effortlessness of the uncovered piece and the measured parcels acquired from the normal places of the town.


We construct our proposition in light of the utilization of indigenous materials, for example, nearby stone, regular light, water, vegetation and the memory of the town, appearing it through the utilization of just uncovered square dividers, cleaned solid floors, brick work dividers and the focal patio as arranging pivot. The regular habitat and atmosphere of the spot was likewise an awesome motivation for the outline, as it is connected to the earth and the general population that occupy it, giving a typical structure.


With our venture, we expect to leave an affirmation of pop culture, safeguarding customary materials and development frameworks, as they are an indispensable legacy that must be secured and protected. Accomplishing the insurance of impalpable indications as the arrangement of images, qualities, aptitudes, implications and social legacy of the Mayan people.

JA-Cholul-House-by-Taller-Estilo-Arquitectura-06 JA-Cholul-House-by-Taller-Estilo-Arquitectura-07 JA-Cholul-House-by-Taller-Estilo-Arquitectura-08 JA-Cholul-House-by-Taller-Estilo-Arquitectura-09 JA-Cholul-House-by-Taller-Estilo-Arquitectura-10 JA-Cholul-House-by-Taller-Estilo-Arquitectura-11 JA-Cholul-House-by-Taller-Estilo-Arquitectura-12 JA-Cholul-House-by-Taller-Estilo-Arquitectura-13 JA-Cholul-House-by-Taller-Estilo-Arquitectura-14

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