On the Shores of Lake Snagov by DOOI Studio

On the Shores of Lake Snagov by DOOI Studio

Architects: DOOI Studio
Location: Snagov, Bucharest, Romania
Year: 2014
Area: 2.600 sqft / 242 sqm
Photo courtesy: Cosmin Dragomir

The property is set on the shores of lake Snagov, got on a thin segment of area between the timberland and the lake: an extraordinary, yet prudent situating. Given amazingly exact determinations and necessities from the proprietor, the draftsmen drew nearer the undertaking with motivation and effortlessness.


The beginning stage was the expectation to offer that sentiment floating, of opening up to the lake while likewise grasping the woods. In this manner, the group continually hunt down methods for extending the house through its surroundings, by intentionally incorporating these in the inward space.


The ground floor contains and supports the gathering range, the lounge room and its “overhanging” patio, confronting an uncommon perspective of the lake, testing the basic specialists so as to accomplish a 11 m opening of coating with no columns or middle backing.


The lounge area is put before a coated exterior with twofold tallness, for a full pleasure in the prompt region of the backwoods. Keeping in mind the end goal to promote potentiate this region, the inside incorporates a loft divider completely secured in mirrors.


The fabrics of the inside beautifications were picked with extraordinary consideration, counseling the owner, who put insightfully and liberally in this undertaking: respectable Romano Bianco travertine chunks for the ground, Italian parquet, dividers clad in finned rosewood and textured mortar.


The kitchen is clad in the serious Macassar wood. The napage and inside lighting wear the mark of the expert glassmakers from the Murano Island and of the prestigious Catellean and Smith.

On-the-Shores-of-Lake-Snagov-by-DOOI-Studio-06 On-the-Shores-of-Lake-Snagov-by-DOOI-Studio-07 On-the-Shores-of-Lake-Snagov-by-DOOI-Studio-08 On-the-Shores-of-Lake-Snagov-by-DOOI-Studio-09 On-the-Shores-of-Lake-Snagov-by-DOOI-Studio-10 On-the-Shores-of-Lake-Snagov-by-DOOI-Studio-11 On-the-Shores-of-Lake-Snagov-by-DOOI-Studio-12 On-the-Shores-of-Lake-Snagov-by-DOOI-Studio-13 On-the-Shores-of-Lake-Snagov-by-DOOI-Studio-14 On-the-Shores-of-Lake-Snagov-by-DOOI-Studio-15 On-the-Shores-of-Lake-Snagov-by-DOOI-Studio-16 On-the-Shores-of-Lake-Snagov-by-DOOI-Studio-17 On-the-Shores-of-Lake-Snagov-by-DOOI-Studio-18 On-the-Shores-of-Lake-Snagov-by-DOOI-Studio-19 On-the-Shores-of-Lake-Snagov-by-DOOI-Studio-20 On-the-Shores-of-Lake-Snagov-by-DOOI-Studio-21

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