Single family house built on a steep slope that leads to the centre of a village

Architects: Dost
Location: Merishausen, Switzerland
Year: 2012
Area: 2.347 ft²/ 218 m²
Photo courtesy: Andrin Winteler | bürobuerau

“This single family house is on a steep southern slope that leads to the centre of the village.

The polygonal shape of the building is determined by its pitched roof, which is set by the area’s regulations, and by its position on a hill.

An introvert north facade contrasts strongly with the other facades, which are symmetrical and open to the views. The windows on the south, east and west façade are carefully designed and positioned in a dialogue with the slope.

As for the interior, the program is split vertically: the public area is on the first floor and the private area on the ground floor. The use of natural and rough materials, such as concrete and wood, create the perfect stage to display the owners’ passion for art and valuable furniture.

The functional spaces such as the kitchen and the bathroom are held in a central volume. A clever strategy that allows all the surrounding space to be used freely as the living area.”

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