5 Essentials You Should Have In Your Home Garage

5 Essentials You Should Have In Your Home Garage

Every proud homeowner needs to have a neatly organized and well-equipped garage space on their property. After all, a house is never complete without an explicitly designated area where the entire family can store away their rarely used things and those too big and cumbersome objects that simply don’t fit with the overall design of the house’s interior. With this in mind, in this brief article, we’ll go through the five essential and most valuable tools and essentials that you should have in your garage. No matter what you use your garage for, you will find these tools helpful throughout your life, and you should have them handy.

Nevertheless, even though their primary use is to house the family vehicles and protect them from outside factors, besides for storage, most garages are also utilized as workstations. In that context, the handyman of the households should pay close attention to the convenience and comfort of this crucial area of their property.

So, if you’re the person who’s responsible for holding the household together and having the garage on your own, this article is for you. Sure, besides having the needed garage safety equipment in place, we’d all love to have a whole gamut of CNC machines, a 5,000-piece tool chest, a paint booth, a hoist, and a full-blown fabrication shop out in the garage. But, unluckily, most of us have to get by with a far more modest and affordable garage set-up.

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1. Ladders

Start your home garage workshop by purchasing the mightiest workhorse a garage needs to have—a ladder. Throughout the years, you’ll use this tool to do numerous things around the house, including cleaning the windows, replacing light bulbs, painting the interior and exterior walls of the house, hanging Christmas lights—you get the picture.

Suppose you are or plan on becoming an experienced DIY-er who will singlehandedly take care of the house’s roof or any other elevated areas within your home, besides getting a basic ladder. In that case, you might want to consider adding a specialized roof access ladder to your garage’s set as well. Since there are many types of roof access ladders, you just need to make sure that you select the ideal ladder system for your house and needs.

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2. The Right Power Tools 

If you live in a house, drilling holes in walls and other things is guaranteed as death and taxes. But, on the other hand, power tools save time and can do things that human hands cannot. For that reason, at a bare minimum, you should have a power drill with a ½-inch chuck together with a good drill bit set in ⅛th increments.

Other handy power tools to have include:

  • reciprocating saw
  • An impact driver
  • A rotary multi-tool
  • The mandatory angle grinder

Suppose you’re on the market for power tools right now. In that case, you can go with sophisticated, modern-day, cordless power tools, as they offer the same amount of power, the convenience of portability, and can get into hard-to-reach crannies and nooks that corded and air tools can’t. 

3. A Proper Air Compressor

Blowing debris out of things and pumping up your car’s tires. If you’re going to use the garage to take care of the household and your family’s vehicles for the years to come, you’ll need to get a proper air compressor in the garage. Having an appropriate compressor of air goes beyond inflating tires, as it also allows you to dry and clean parts of your vehicles that you wouldn’t usually be able to get to. 

In addition, it will also allow you to run air tools and spray painting equipment. Therefore, our sincerest advice for compressor shopping is always to go big. The bigger is truly, the better when it comes to air compressors. However, it would be best if you always double-checked with the producer, as dedicated commercial units typically demand a higher voltage than what’s commonly found in a residential garage.

4. A Solid Workbench 

Aside from ladders, tools, and other equipment, having a solid workbench is perhaps the most necessary part of any garage, as you simply can’t get by without one. Having a stable, firm place to work on household stuff is an absolute must—from a safety and convenience standpoint. Of course, if you’re a seasoned DIY-er, you can make your customized workbench on your own. If not, from hardwood to steel, portable and built-in, there are hundreds of different workbenches on the market you can choose from.

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5. Cleaning Supplies

Look, each garage is a working area that gets dirty rather quickly if we don’t do the proper garage maintenance periodically. As a typically dirty working environment, each garage must be well-equipped with cleaning supplies for each time we finish working on a particular project. 

You could use various cleaning supplies; for instance, you can get a vacuum, which is quite helpful for cleaning up, just like the old but still reliable broom. However, regular garage maintenance and cleaning are a must because there could be a lot of tiny pieces that may lie on the floor, which could end up hurting you or damaging your vehicles.

Final Words – essentials that you should have in your garage

This is not by any means a comprehensive list of essentials that you should have in your garage. Of course, there are many more tools and items you might need in the future, but the ones listed in this article are necessary to successfully conduct work in your garage. However, your garage and everything it contains must suit your needs and wants, which is why it must be you who makes the ultimate decision about the tools and items you’ll get. 

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