Jagdhaus Tamers by EM2 ARCHITEKTEN

Jagdhaus Tamers by EM2 ARCHITEKTEN

Location: San Vigilio di Marebbe, Italy
Year: 2009
Photo courtesy: Studio Mads Mogensen

The hunting lodge in Tamers is conceived as a system consisting of two individual building structures.  The main building is 2 storeys. On the ground floor is boiled and used, in the overlying basement is rested. The second building is designed as a refuge.

The two objects are in a significant dialogue with each other. The encountered topographical conditions, the forests, the entrances and exits of the two houses are the parameters for it. The difference in body proportions – small, large – give the dialog an additional voltage.

The system is constructed in knitwear design. The room typology that constructive idea and the gabled roof can be the reference to the tradition of the place ability to sense. The openings are reduced in number to a minimum and limited to the living and dining room.The rest rooms disguised behind the facade through window slits.

Jagdhaus-Tamers-03 Jagdhaus-Tamers-04 Jagdhaus-Tamers-05 Jagdhaus-Tamers-06 Jagdhaus-Tamers-07 Jagdhaus-Tamers-08 Jagdhaus-Tamers-09

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