The Empire by Residential Attitudes

The Empire by Residential Attitudes

Location: Perth, Australia
Photo courtesy: Residential Attitudes

The mid-century modernist movement was characterized by clean simplicity, the integration with nature and meeting the daily needs of the family within. It was with this philosophy in mind that we created “The Empire” display home to achieve the perfect balance of light, volume and the interrelationship between indoor and outdoor environments.


Being a narrow site with the solar aspect to the front, the logical conclusion was to set the living areas, kitchen, balcony and master suite on the upper floor nestled amongst the tree canopy. This allowed the upper floor to be bathed in sunlight throughout the year and elevated the home above the street noise below creating a calm peaceful setting. Serviced by a dumbwaiter from the garage, the upper floor translates into a self-styled apartment hidden amongst the trees within a dense urban environment.


With the desire to cater for multi-generational families, a separate living and alfresco area were situated on the ground floor to relate to the lap pool and two storey light well. Two minor bedrooms share a central bathroom with an additional powder room and separate laundry with chute. The reading room and entry hall with floating stone stairs gaze out to the lap pool and courtyard beyond.


The brief for the home was to embrace the aesthetics and intent of mid-century design and re-interpret it for today’s modern lifestyle and the Perry lakes setting. Raw natural materials like concrete breeze blocks, pacific teak cladding, timber parquetry floors and internal face brickwork blend with elegant white walls to encapsulate the characteristics and simplicity of the design.

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