Juno’s Children Playhouse in Barcelona by Nook Architects

Juno’s Children Playhouse in Barcelona by Nook Architects

Architects: Nook Architects
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Year: 2015
Area: 1,400 ft²/ 130 m²
Photo courtesy: nieve | Productora Audiovisual

Our customers acquired a line house with the expectation of doing a humble restoration: to redesign the kitchen, opening it to the parlor, including another restroom and give the entire a fresher look.


At the point when the works started, nonetheless, we distinguished that the nature of development was to a great degree poor and that every level was an interwoven of humble materials. The floor section of the principle level nearly crumpled on top of us-we then needed to stop and investigate the circumstance. A straightforward restoration had changed over into an extensive mediation that influenced the structure and envelope of the house.


Upon these troublesome and unexpected circumstances, the new proposition depended on abusing the capability of new conceivable outcomes. This was no more an ordinary, two-level home, yet an undertaking to be drawn on a clear bit of paper.


The youthful and pregnant Swedish-Spanish couple had an exceptionally Nordic vision of what the house ought to be: open, brilliant and useful. Not at all like most families, they didn’t have the need to segregate the room from whatever is left of the living spaces, with the exception of the two bathrooms. They needed to reinforce the visual connections between every space and recognizing their utilization without trading off adaptability.


This drove us to work from the area since the starting. Rather than isolating the spaces between two straightforward levels, we put the light staircase transversely to the primary length of the plot and disengaged the area by misaligning the pieces and creating center floors that permitted the light to surge in the distance to the back. This additionally permitted us to place Juno’s room mid-far up, in a focal position to facilitate the moms’ supervision from the fundamental room and the studio.


The passage lies on the back of an outside, long and restricted path, so the whole volume is situated towards a solitary façade on the back yard, which is the primary wellspring of light and considers the fundamental living zone to be extended towards the outside and to weaken the limit with the inside. Two stories up, on the studio level, the façade withdraws to facilitate the passage of regular light and to shape a planted patio for Juno to play on. Two sky facing windows were opened up permitting daylight to bathe the levels beneath through the staircase.


On this house we needed to mirror the genuineness of its material, pursuing the highest solace without the need of auxiliary, cladding materials. The floor chunks are left uncovered, simply painted, the volume on which the staircase is upheld is done with uncovered stucco and the wooden boards intended to be utilized for covering go about as a piece for the mezzanine level and are left with their unique wrapping up. Remnants of the first house are found on the uncovered block divider on the back of the plot, where the hint of the old, outside staircase has been left as a confirmation of its past.


Juno’s House synthetises the advancement of an unpredictable and unstable task. Unanticipated circumstances got to be open doors for the advancement of a house redid for the way of life of the youthful couple and their little girl, who was only a year old when the works were done.

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