19th century remodelled Eder-Hederus Villa by Kod Arkitekter + General Architecture

19th century remodelled Eder-Hederus Villa by Kod Arkitekter + General Architecture

Architects: Kod ArkitekterGeneral Architecture
Location: Kummelnäs, Boo, Sweden
Year: 2013
Area: 1,938 ft²/ 180 m²
Photo courtesy: E:son Lindman

The house is situated in Kummelnäs, close Stockholm. The cabin from 1850 had been utilized as a late spring retreat following the 1960’s. It was in terrible condition, however with an in place timber log structure on a strong stone establishment. Its 60 sqm in one level was changed in a rushed remodel in 2006, including getting the party started, into 90 sqm in two stories. The first building was given another life in a conventional style. The entire exterior and its enumerating, and all windows were painted with a dark linseed oil paint.


In 2013 a nearby building volume was constructed, including a further 90 sqm. The new building is adjusted to the first house, with a basic shape that complements the current volume and its exact position on the site. Together, the old and new structures frame a lucid arrangement of related volumes and outer spaces.


The new building is developed totally with strong wood boards. The exterior is secured with sheets of plywood with a specifying identified with the first building, yet finished with musicality of its own. The outside is painted in the same dim linseed oil paint as the first bungalow, that continously changes character with the shade of the sky.


On the inside, within the wood boards is left untreated. Windows and entryways are made of pine with window ledges of marble. The floor is secured with marble and a dark fleece rug. The roof is dim.


The design of the building was drastically modified through the new expansion. The passage was moved to the new part of the building, where another passageway corridor capacities as a connection between the new and the old parts. The kitchen possesses the base floor of the first house, while a twofold tallness front room is arranged specifically on ground level in the new part with direct access to the greenery enclosure. The rooms are situated on the upper floors of every building volumes: the main room suite in the new part and the youngsters’ rooms in the old part.


The building has encountered numerous progressions throughout the years and the late remodel and renovation are not a demonstration of rebuilding. The points of interest, innovation and configuration has been adjusted to economy, will and needs.

19th-century-remodelled-eder-hederus-villa-by-kod-arkitekter-general-architecture-06 19th-century-remodelled-eder-hederus-villa-by-kod-arkitekter-general-architecture-07 19th-century-remodelled-eder-hederus-villa-by-kod-arkitekter-general-architecture-08 19th-century-remodelled-eder-hederus-villa-by-kod-arkitekter-general-architecture-09 19th-century-remodelled-eder-hederus-villa-by-kod-arkitekter-general-architecture-10 19th-century-remodelled-eder-hederus-villa-by-kod-arkitekter-general-architecture-11 19th-century-remodelled-eder-hederus-villa-by-kod-arkitekter-general-architecture-12 19th-century-remodelled-eder-hederus-villa-by-kod-arkitekter-general-architecture-13

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