Contemporary Paineira House by Bloco Arquitetos

Contemporary Paineira House by Bloco Arquitetos

Architects: Bloco Arquitetos
Location: Brasilia, Brazil
Year: 2015
Area: 4,200 ft²/ 390 m²
Photo courtesy: Haruo Mikami

A current 15 meter (49 foot) tall tree called “Paineira” was the beginning stage for the association of the arrangement. Starting here we made a fanciful east-west pivot parallel to the road which characterized the principle inner dissemination. However the complete perspective from inside the house towards the tree is not instantly uncovered.


The encompassing perspectives from within are uncovered in parts, confined by openings in dividers and roofs. Our point was to utilize the house as a gadget to intervene the relationship between the outside and inside.


The project was isolated in two pieces isolated by a north-south pivot: one with the administrations, parlor and “lounge area” toward the west and the other with the rooms toward the east. Both pieces have comparable measurements on arrangement, however a succession of various roof statures suggest the proposed employments of every space. The outside structure is an immediate aftereffect of this operation.


The explanation of various roof statures that propose the utilization and the significance of every room allude to Adolf Loos’ Müller House. Accordingly the arrangement alludes to Loos’ “Ramplan” than it alludes to Corbusier’s open arrangement.


Around the cutoff points of the parcel we have assembled dividers that are two meters and twenty centimeters high. They fill in as delimitations of roofless inside greenery enclosures that are augmentations of the inward spaces. These dividers additionally serve as a screen for the projection of the shadows from the Paineira tree.


The primary entryway is situated in the tightest part of the development and permits direct access to the lawn. All the outside divider surfaces were painted in the same textured paint. A lighter variety of the same shading was connected in every one of the roofs and inner dividers.

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