Tropical Bahia Villa Retreat in the Heart of Miami by Alejandro Landes

Tropical Bahia Villa Retreat in the Heart of Miami by Alejandro Landes

Architects: Alejandro Landes
Location: Miami, Florida, USA
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Alejandro Landes

Manor Bahia is a tropical retreat in the heart of Miami. It is a structure for living, with an outline reasoning that organizes our humankind and wellbeing. The house serves as a strong, remedial haven where the association with the components emphasizes ordinary life. There is magnificence in straightforwardness; extravagance in restriction.


Nature and contemporary engineering coincide in this innovator structure that seems to skim above water and rich greenery. Divisions in the middle of outside and inside are deliberately obscured, empowering an association with nature even in the littlest of regular signals.


Spaces welcome you to be available. Earth conditioned living territories surrounded by sea confronting floor-to-roof windows, extensive wrap around overhangs that give each room its own particular outside desert spring open to the sky, a porch for mild evenings underneath the cantilevered assembling, and a housetop deck for nighttimes submerged in stargazing permit you to concentrate on the occasions, to just be.


Villa Bahia is an ageless house with a significant feeling of perpetual quality and spot. The crude, solid outside casing gives a feeling of strength tempered with components of daintiness and effortlessness. It is a ‘Current Ruin’ where urban, contemporary living reconnects with antiquated ceremonies and shrewdness. The style of the house are a consequence of this fastidious equalization.


An energy about inconspicuous points of interest – statures, profundities, lighting, and the utilization of genuine materials describes the tasteful of this home where each component uncovers a continuous story. There is an account woven through Villa Bahia in the way every stone has been laid, each artisanal fabric has been sewn, every bit of recovered wood has been cut.


Just things made well can be exposed to uncover their substance. They tell stories of trustworthiness, aptitude and consideration. The outcome is something that feels significantly genuine.

Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-06 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-07 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-08 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-09 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-10 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-11 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-12 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-13 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-14 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-15 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-16 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-17 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-18 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-19 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-20 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-21 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-22 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-23 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-24 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-25 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-26 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-27 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-28 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-29 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-30 Tropical-Bahia-Villa-Retreat-in-the-Heart-of-Miami-by-Alejandro-Landes-31

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