Slight Slope Long House by I/O Architects

Slight Slope Long House by I/O Architects

Architects: I/O Architects
Location: Targovishte, Bulgaria
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: I/O Architects

Single family house. Extensive living and feasting space. Home office. One main room. Two visitor rooms. Substantial veranda space. Three autos carport.


The geology of the recreation center environment around the house takes after a cavea of a prank theater. The long level structure is confronting the good sun introduction and the perspective in slight resistance of the slant. Thusly entering corner to corner into the house the stature of the spaces changes in connection to their evaluation of protection. The other way and separated from the primary movement are the visitor rooms over the compacted space of the passage and the carport.


The inner structure relates to the reciprocal space of the stairs-like veranda confronting the recreation center and in addition to the terraced yards behind the house. The stone monument appearance of the stone cladded façades and the larger than average engineering components, from one side and the point of view adjustments of the front rise from the other, regulate in an uncertain way the size of the extensive structure.


Uninvolved sun shading in the mid year. Clear glass for sun vitality pick up in the winter. Warmth pump with ground-coupled warmth exchanger for warming and cooling. Floor warming. Utilization of neighborhood stone. Low warm conductivity envelope.

Slight-Slope-Long-House-04 Slight-Slope-Long-House-05 Slight-Slope-Long-House-06 Slight-Slope-Long-House-07 Slight-Slope-Long-House-08 Slight-Slope-Long-House-09 Slight-Slope-Long-House-10 Slight-Slope-Long-House-11 Slight-Slope-Long-House-12 Slight-Slope-Long-House-13 Slight-Slope-Long-House-14 Slight-Slope-Long-House-15 Slight-Slope-Long-House-16 Slight-Slope-Long-House-17 Slight-Slope-Long-House-18 Slight-Slope-Long-House-19 Slight-Slope-Long-House-20 Slight-Slope-Long-House-21 Slight-Slope-Long-House-22 Slight-Slope-Long-House-23 Slight-Slope-Long-House-24

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