Gwel-An-Treth Residence by Laurence Associates

Gwel-An-Treth Residence by Laurence Associates

Architects: Laurence Associates
Location: Sennen Cove, Cornwall, England
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Chetwode Ram

Situated on a lofty site neglecting the beautiful town of Sennen Cove close to Land’s End, our customer looked to supplant an out-dated home with an outline that made best utilization of both the site and the perspectives of Whitesands Bay and Cape Cornwall.


The site exists in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and there had been some resistance to contemporary outlines in the more extensive region. Arranging consent had beforehand been acquired for a substitution, however the customer wished to investigate an option way to deal with the configuration process. The configuration was on a very basic level upgraded and overhauled in close contact with the customer and auxiliary specialist.


The reconsidered configuration situated the building further down the site, with opposite living and the fundamental living convenience at the rule passageway level. Perspectives of the ocean can be seen through the house from the passageway entryway, with dazzling perspectives from both the ground and first floor galleries. A substantial patent coated rooftop in the open arrangement living range compliments the completely coated divider on to the overhang with perspectives over the Sennen. The plan was joined by delineations and photograph montages demonstrating the outline in connection, to demonstrate to the nearby arranging power that it would enhance the presence of the site and have no effect on the more extensive character of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


The property is right now being let as an extravagance occasion home by means of Perfect Stays.

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