SGNW House by Metropole Architects

SGNW House by Metropole Architects

Architects: Metropole Architects
Location: Zimbali, South Africa
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Grant Pitcher

The customers asked for that we make a fantasy house for their site in the Zimbali backwoods home. A few waterways, including Koi lakes, water components and a rimflow swimming pool seem to combine into one, and move through the house and out into the woods.


The stacked rooftop is divided and connected with level rooftop pieces, in correspondence to the spatial course of action of the rooms beneath, which both scales and expresses the house’s massing. The principle room suite cantilevers six meters over the porch underneath, giving assurance from the climate, and additionally “goodness” element.


A lot of coating advance perspectives of the indigenous hedge that embodies the house, and together with the palette of crude materials including characteristic timber, off shade solid, water and regular stone cladding, balance the clean engineering lines with a glow and Zen like mood.

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