The Redding Residence by Kendle Design Collaborative

The Redding Residence by Kendle Design Collaborative

Architects: Kendle Design Collaborative
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
Year: 2011
Area: 8.000 sqft
Photo courtesy: Kendle Design Collaborative

Automatically the house is split into two zones, one a 4300 sf. habitation for the proprietors, a couple requiring a low upkeep way of life, and another zone for their broad family and companions who visit the Arizona daylight regularly.


While a great part of the encompassing homes reverberation subjects from inaccessible European societies of hundreds of years past this home addresses its particular spot in the Sonoran Desert. Frames inferred not by the requirements of style but rather by automatic and climatic powers shape this home. Strong dividers of earth and solid square out the unforgiving desert sun and perspectives of encompassing structures. A practically imperceptible line of glass, shaded by profound shades, separates the limits in the middle of indoor and open air living, concentrating on close and inaccessible perspectives of nature and in addition the marvel of city lights in the far off valley. Planar rooftop structures are collapsed to catch downpour water and scatter it to encompassing vegetation.


Materials are picked not only for their characteristic magnificence and low upkeep yet for their indigenous qualities too. Copper, mined in the Arizona desert, clad striking rooftop frames which seem to drift above indoor and open air living spaces. Smashed Earth dividers made of soil uncovered from the site ascend from the desert floor resounding the types of the encompassing mountain range. The outcome is a home that is genuinely in concordance with it’s site and is expressive of it’s novel spot on the planet.

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