The Morumbi Residence by Drucker Arquitetura

The Morumbi Residence by Drucker Arquitectura

Architects: Drucker Arquitectura
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2009
Area: 2,500 sqm
Photo courtesy: João Ribeiro

The undertaking began when Monica Drucker discovered a 2,500m² site at the highest point of Morumbi slopes, in São Paulo, it was the perfect spot for her customer’s home. The range fit the perspective to the urban horizon with a tree-lines road, expansion to fabulous security conditions guaranteed by the 1,50m unevenness in respect to the road.


In the venture itself, is conceivable to recognize components of the Paulista innovation collection, for example, level windows, the shades, inflexible lines in points and whiteness.


The development protected the current trees and bamboos characterizing the passage, upgrading the volume, the 3,60m shades and the straightforward casings, enhancing the straightforwardness and to benefit the visual joining between within and the outside.


The bounteous straightforwardness required, be that as it may, answers for control the frequency of light, with warm acoustic tiles, covered up by plate groups, are on the whole rooftop to enhance the building’s solace and vitality proficiency. The same thought process prompted establishment of brises and blinds in the veneers more subject to daylight, an asset commitment to ensure the inhabitants’ security in the top floor ambiances, at road level.


The courses proposed recommend the tenants to turn out to wooden decks with an incorporated space, vast glass outlines accentuate the progression between the inside and outside. Television room, lounge area and office, uncover themselves behind high retractable doors and all situations are united as a huge space.


The house additionally has sewage treatment, sun oriented radiator, cross ventilation, windows with warmth control, polystyrene protection, advanced control of lighting, reused wood, among different measures that make this building less unsafe for the earth, and an awesome home.

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