Espace Le Moyne by Anne Sophie Goneau

Espace Le Moyne by Anne Sophie Goneau

Location: Montréal, Québec, Canada
Area: 1,600 sqft
Photo courtesy: Anne Sophie Goneau

The project was to re-configure a 1600sq.ft, 2 storey in Old Montreal. The challenge was to create open divisions to optimize the area, respecting the integrity and rich, historic materials of the space. The concept prominently features the raw materials wood, brick, stone and steel.


On the ground floor, a semi-closed entrance has been sculpted into the space, offering a general view of the condo when walking in. The kitchen is the central attraction, opening on both the dinning room and the living room, where the addition of a gas fireplace creates a sense of intimacy. The powder room is located in a multi-functional block, integrating appliances, pantry, and storage, where the kitchen fits. A wood arch, discovered during demolition, has been integrated with a mirror.


In the basement, the master bedroom is now defined by a floor to ceiling glass wall, offering a view of the original stonewall and the wood beams; an archaeological reminder wanting to highlight the original materials in the exhibitor showcase. The existing hard wood floor has been fixed and retained harmoniously with the black steel staircase that was custom made for the space.

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