Bolton Residence by _naturehumaine

Bolton Residence by _naturehumaine

Architects: _naturehumaine
Location: Bolton-Est, Québec, Canada
Year: 2014
Area: 1.480 sqft / 138 sqm
Photo courtesy: Adrien Williams, David Dworkind

Having purchased a wonderful plot of lush area in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, the customer longed for building a nation house that would be in impeccable advantageous interaction with its regular habitat. This rough, inclined site went to a characteristic level just beneath its most elevated point, turning into the ideal area to erect the house.


The house is described by two stacked volumes; a wooden clad volume moored into the mountain bolsters a cantilevering ground floor volume above. This peak roofed volume raised into the air gives the vibe that the house is coasting amongst the trees. Immeasurable perspectives of Mount Orford and the valley underneath are encircled by a long level strip window. The kitchen and main washroom are cut out of a dark volume at the focal point of the house separating living spaces from the main room.

Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-02 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-03 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-04 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-05 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-06 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-07 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-08 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-09 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-10 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-11 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-12 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-13 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-14 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-15 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-16 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-17 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-18 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-19 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-20 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-21 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-22 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-23 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-24 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-25 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-26 Bolton-Residence-by-_naturehumaine-27

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