The 3 Ways You Can Incorporate A Minimalist Style In Your Home

The 3 Ways You Can Incorporate A Minimalist Style In Your Home

The old adage of less is more has never rung more true than when discussing how to decorate a house. It is summed up nicely in the minimalist movement, which is not only eye-pleasing but also has benefits like making a small room look larger. It’s an aesthetic that doesn’t ever look outdated and can work within many different style preferences. But, it isn’t just a question of having less stuff. There is a certain mindset and method to achieving the right look. In this article, we will go over how you can make your home look stylish and also, how you can incorporate a minimalist style in your home.

1. Look for the right furniture

There are a lot of different types of styles, so you aren’t confined to just the most obvious types. For instance, minimalist furniture usually conjures up a certain Scandinavian style, but that is far from being the only type. 

The idea is that the furniture shouldn’t be too bulky. Usually, the accent is on the lines of the piece or some subtle curves that don’t distract or look ostentatious. Geometric shapes are very much welcome since they work with the space very well and tend to look sophisticated. 

Big bulky furniture will look out of place and are really just trying to fill negative space. Instead, look for pieces that compliment the area without distracting or trying to just act as filler. 

Finding this furniture is not hard if you know where to look. For instance, Columbia, Missouri’s finest furniture store, is full of pieces that will look perfect in a minimalist design. 

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2. Declutter your home

One of the biggest reasons to go with a minimalist design is for what it does for your mental health. Clutter is a known factor for causing stress and anxiety. Start by removing all the clutter in your home and watch how your mood improves.

It starts with getting organized and finding some storage solutions to get things where they belong. If you have a lot of knick-knacks that simply fill up space, then instead of storing them away, look to sell or give them away. A yard sale is the ideal beginning to going with a minimalist design. 

This isn’t to say that everything must go. Part of the charm of the minimalist aesthetic is that there are accents around that add to the look by complementing things like your furniture or fixtures. Clutter is far different than having accents around. 

3. Get natural

There is never a time when natural elements look out of place in a minimalist design. Even if the overarching look is industrial, there is room for some natural elements like wood. 

This should include accents or even furniture that has wood features. This gives a feeling of warmth and comfort. Adding some live plants to the mix will also give lighter energy to the space. 

Look to use natural light whenever possible so let windows play their part by giving some brightness to the space. Use the way the light filters into the room to place accents where they will get a sort of natural spotlight. 

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