5 Tips for Making Your Small Spaces Feel Spacious 

5 Tips for Making Your Small Spaces Feel Spacious 

While your daydreams may take you to a sprawling mansion with all the storage space in the world, the average person’s day-to-day life finds them in cozy quarters. Luckily, your dreams can take a step closer to reality with a few small space hacks. Whether you opt for an intense declutter session or an organization solution shopping spree, you can make your small spaces feel spacious in no time. 


1. Declutter your home’s hubs

Not only is it essential to keep your home generally organized, but it is vital to emphasize decluttering high-use areas. The more highly trafficked a room is, the more likely you will develop a Mount Everest of clutter. Your living room and kitchen are likely the hubs of your home, so prioritize the organization of those areas. 

  • Kitchen organization

With so many necessary supplies living in the kitchen, it can quickly become one of the most cluttered rooms in your home. Especially if you’re not living in a spacious space, utensil duplicates and bulky appliances can add up in inches. To declutter your kitchen, be sure to reduce limited-use spare items like endless Tupperware lids and random camping sporks. Additionally, if you’re looking for increased floor space, consider built-in appliances like a microwave oven combo. When you can kill two birds with one appliance, your overcrowded pre-makeover kitchen will thank you. 

  • Living room organization 

As the heart of many homes, living rooms are the space that everyone gravitates towards. From guests to kids and couples, everyone loves to cozy up in the front room. If you are working with a smaller space, try creating “zones” in the room to divide purposes. For example, try a “toy zone” for the kids and a “library area” for your favorite avid reader. These designated spots mean that items stay where they’re supposed to, creating far greater organization. 


2. Up your storage game 

Who says you can’t mix fashion and function? One of the best ways to enhance a room is to utilize intelligent storage solutions that don’t sacrifice the integrity of your style or take up any extra space. For example, a hidden storage ottoman for blankets and toys or floating shelves for an elongated look can spruce up your space while offering valuable storage that doesn’t sacrifice any floor plan. 

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3. Choose light colors

As tempting as the matte black accent wall trend might be, your tiny home is unlikely to thank you for the addition of dark colors to an already tight space. Because dark colors don’t reflect light effortlessly, they can make rooms feel smaller than they are. So, save the blacks and blues for your throw pillows and select a creamy white or light grey to expand the walls.


4. Decorate wisely 

The last thing a little space needs is extra knick-knacks. To maintain a breezy, open environment, make conscious choices about the items covering your walls and surfaces. Don’t be too afraid of white space, as minimal wall decor and neat areas can offer a breath of fresh air while still maintaining a cozy, lived-in feel. Additionally, pieces like mirrors and live plants can provide a newfound level of dimension.

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5. Light up the room 

To move your decor away from dungeon chic, utilize both natural and artificial lighting to brighten up your space. First, try orienting your furniture to accommodate and highlight the natural light that comes through windows or skylights. The light will make everything seem taller and more breathable. If you aren’t blessed with large windows, try out high lamps or an attractive light fixture to bring the sunshine inside. 

Conclusion: small spaces feel spacious

It can be challenging to design a small space in a way that feels open and liveable. Still, if you consider built-in appliances, select light colors, and make intentional decor decisions, your rooms should feel sprawling in no time. 

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