6 Ways To Achieve A Modern Home Exterior

6 Ways To Achieve A Modern Home Exterior

One of the ways you can instantly improve your home’s aesthetic appeal is by improving its exterior design. The home’s exterior is the first thing that other people see. It’s where they form their impression of your home. If you plan to sell your home in the future, revamping some aspects on the outside is one surefire way to increase its value. If you used to have a traditional-looking property, there are different ways you can make a modern home exterior. These could range from simple tweaks to major changes, depending on how modern you want it to be.


1. Change The Material Of Your Exterior Finishes

The material used in the exteriors of your home greatly changes how your facade would look like. If you opt to change how it looks based on its exterior wall materials, make sure it jives well with the rest of the house design, and it’ll have an impact on the home’s visual appeal.

Traditional homes usually have stone cladding, masonry walls, and wooden coating. To make it modern, you may change it into metal coating, concrete finishing, timber boarding, or glass enclosure. Aside from ensuring that the materials used go well with other elements outside the house, you need to consider the level of maintenance that you have to do to make its condition longer.


2. Modify The Roof

The roof is a dominant feature, especially for bungalow houses. This is another aspect that you have to check if you want to transform your traditional home exterior  into to a modern home exterior. Aside from completely changing the material used, you have the option to also change its shape. For example, an A-roof looks very traditional. To make it modern, you may just opt for flat roofing or roof tiles that are low maintenance, and that can add more character to your roof.

Roof replacement is costly, that’s why you have to decide properly on what kind of roofing material you’ll choose. It’s an essential move if your existing roofing has issues. In changing the roof, make sure to also enhance its functionality, like placing an insulation system to give your home extra protection from sun, rain, and changing weather conditions.


3. Update The Garden

Improve the ambiance of your garden by adding in accessories, like tables and chairs, or creating a quiet corner where you can lounge. One of the outstanding accessories that you can add to your garden is lighting fixtures. Choose lighting fixtures that are suitable for outdoor use, so make sure to purchase from stores that specialize in outdoor lights. Also, find the ones that lighten with a contemporary look.

6 Ways To Achieve A Modern Home Exterior 

4. Replace The Windows

Nowadays, there are different kinds of windows that have varying style options. One of the most common modern windows is sliding horizontal windows, like aluminum-clad windows. Newer types of windows are now easier to clean and maintain compared to older windows. If you’re on a budget, vinyl frames and composite frames are the best options because they’re sturdy. However, if the frames of your existing windows still work, you can just replace the main window.

The core principles of modern-style windows are simplicity, practicality, and minimalism. They’re more energy-efficient because most windows attract natural sunlight, and some even utilize the modern glazing technology, like that of an aluminum window frame. It gives a solution to soundproofing because there’s a reduced leakage of air.

Silver Pine contemporary home in Moscow by SAOTA

5. Enhance Your Front Door

Updating your front door doesn’t mean that you have to change it all. Even though you have an old-looking front door but is, still, durable, you can revamp it in a DIY way. The easiest way to do it is by repainting it. If you have a solid wood door, you can just put a glossy primer or a varnish on it to enhance the appearance of the wood.

To add style to it, you may change the knobs to modern-style door knobs, which can also add security features to your home.


6. Add Extension

If you need more space at home and you still have space in your lot to spare, you may opt to change the overall proportion of your home by adding an extension. By adding an extension, you’re not only changing the exterior’s appeal, but you’re also adding functionality to your home. Extend the house outwards or upwards, like a two-story or a single-story extension situated at the side or front of your home to create balance and to make the space proportioned

Your goal is to give your facade more character. You can also do small alterations, like adding a bay window or a porch. Since you’re doing major renovations through home extension, you may need to hire an engineer to assist you in implementing the plan. You’ll also be needing to secure building permits.


Final Thoughts

The looks of your home’s exterior are just as important as the interiors. There’s a notion that you need to spend a lot of money to improve your home’s facade. It may be true in some aspects, but as long as you’re creative and innovative, you’ll be able to modernize the aesthetics of your home just by using the resources that you already have.

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