D House by Lode Architecture

D House by Lode Architecture

Architects: Lode Architecture

Location: Brittany, France

Year: 2012

Area: 150 sqm

Photo courtesy: Daniel Moulinet


Stranded on the estuary’s banks, where crisp waters meet rising tides, the D house develops inconsistencies. It can be either a safe house or a gathering place, a close space or the spot for celebrating. It is driven by inverse streams and its character fluctuates relying upon its inhabitants’ dispositions and characteristic cycles.


At the point when finding the house, the first thing we see is the overhanging segment. Because of a holding divider, an empty space shows up beneath. Life is composed here around the hearth, the stairs and a focal cooking island. Surrounding you, all encompassing perspectives of the undergrowth and past the stream are offered by the upstairs floor. Wells of light going through the upstairs floor welcome the sky into this mixed scene. On the ground, the stone vanishes, the windowed points blur. We live inside the wood.


Upstairs, a progression of little spaces makes a totally diverse quieted air. We cross a progression of bordering rooms, lit through wooden trellises which channel the perspective and faint the light. From the rooms, you can access outside closed‐in spaces to get natural air or sunbathe over the living‐room. Nature is all around and envelopes you.


The differentiating façades mirror the duality of these spaces. In altogether different ways they both receive the same technique of cover : the leaves’ impressions on the coated surfaces, or the cladding made of untreated boards which mirror the encompassing nature and whose composition converges in the woody environment. Modernity and rusticity, deliberation and materiality, the construction modeling of the house plays with persuasive sets, much the same as a scene drawing its quality from the components’ show.

maison-D-03 maison-D-04 maison-D-05 maison-D-06 maison-D-07 maison-D-08 maison-D-09 maison-D-10 maison-D-11 maison-D-12 maison-D-13 maison-D-14 maison-D-15 maison-D-16 maison-D-17 maison-D-18 maison-D-19

D_house_plans_A31 D_house_plans_A32 D_house_plans_A41 D_house_plans_A42 D_house_plans_A43 D_house_plans_A44 D_house_plans_A45 D_house_plans_A410 D_house_plans_A411

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