Wintergreen Cabin by Balance Associates, Architects

Wintergreen Cabin by Balance Associates

Architects: Balance Associates

Location: Methow Valley, Washington,USA

Year: 2005

Area: 1613 square feet

Photo Credits: Steve Keating Photography


A 1,600 square foot lodge incorporated with a precarious slope disregarding a stream with a perspective to the mountains out yonder. The lodge is moored into the slope with a solid base that contains the carport and other utility spaces. The upper floor houses the greater part of the living territories. The south side of the lodge is a solitary space containing the living/feasting/kitchen with vast window dividers on 3 sides. Decks cantilever off of the solid base on three sides and permit sees into the stream underneath. Confronting east, the expert suite opens out to the stream gorge with glass sliding pocket entryways.


The lodge’s type is isolated into two essential shapes isolating people in general and private zones of the lodge. People in general territories of the living, eating and kitchen come to fruition as a glass box opening out to the perspective and decks. To further complement the glass box, the basic casing is pulled to the glass’ outside divider permitting the dividers to be principally glass.


Substantial rooftop shades give insurance to the glass divider from both the components and direct daylight in the late spring months. The private regions are recessed into to slope and are more strong in massing. They likewise have littler windows and lower roof statures. The interstitial space contains the passage, vertical dissemination and a little office. A vast constant shed rooftop accumulates the three spaces into one structure.

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