Villa P by Bergmeister Wolf Architekten

Villa P by Bergmeister Wolf Architekten

Architects: Bergmeister Wolf Architekten
Location: Neustift, Bozen, Italy
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Lukas Schaller

A working with the current lynchets, with normal stone dividers in novacella in the north of brixen which decorate the developed scene of the isarco valley. Another farmstead, or an abode house for a youthful viticulturist.


The building is produced from the region – from the wine-developing scene over the cloister novacella, which are in the youthful vintner’s ownership. The building will be a piece of the current developed scene, with its lynchets and common stone dividers. It is a proceeding of the distinctions in elevation and the terracing, a proceeding of the effectively existing common stone masonries: an expansion of this divider, an incorporation with this.


Two parallel plates of the divider, a playing with separations and materials: from one perspective an ordinary stone brick work in the wine developing scene around the isarco valley, then again a solid divider, hued with the dark shades of the grapevines. It comes about the duality between a coherence of the divider and a sorry excuse for this for the household piece of the home.


The grapevines will be green for 8 month the year, then the lynchets vanish out of sight and the shadowed building is extremely slight characterized. The plates of the divider will be a piece of the coordinated lodging and act among the grapevines.


Perceptible spaces, private regions shaped with structural planning and scene, open spaces, a joining with the scene and in the meantime a becoming over of the vineyard scene will be developed through the exchanging of the solids.A deliberately working with the scene, regardless of whether in the height or the covering of the scene on the rooftop.

Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-05 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-06 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-07 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-08 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-09 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-10 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-11 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-12 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-13 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-14 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-15 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-16 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-17 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-18 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-19 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-20 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-21 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-22 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-23 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-24 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-25 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-26 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-27 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-28 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-29 Villa-P-by-Bergmeister-Wolf-Architekten-30

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