How Turntables Went From Obsolete to Retro Chic

How Turntables Went From Obsolete to Retro Chic

If you thought record players and turntables were strictly a relic from the past, you are wrong – at least, thanks to the recent surge in popularity for old school music players. It seems that even though technology has changed dramatically in the past few decades, there will always be room for classic record players for music lovers at heart.

In fact, it’s surprisingly easy to get a decent vinyl player nowadays – you don’t even have to scour thrift stores or hunt on eBay, as you can find brand new players, including elaborate setups, turntables for beginners and everything in between.

If you’re like me, you may be wondering: how did we go from record players being a giant obsolete relic to being so popular that you can pick them up from retailers, specialty shops and just about anywhere music players are being sold? Let’s take a closer look to uncover just how turntables have gone from totally obsolete to really retro chic.

The Rise of Retro

In the past few years, everything retro has gone from being dusty and old to being just as hot and popular as new merchandise. Retro no longer stands for outdated or old, but instead for hip, cool and classic. The popularity of retro has extended to so many different elements – from fashion to toys to interior decorating and yes, music players.

Some things truly never go out of style. Or out of sound! This is why record players, turntables and similar setups continue to be made even today. In fact, modern record players do not have a distinctly non-retro twist, as many of them are compatible with music players and can function as external speakers when you want to take a break from playing your favourite vinyl.

The Beauty of Record Sound

One reason why they continue to sell record players on stands to the masses is that the beauty of playing music never truly goes away. The mechanical nature of record players produces a full, true sound that is simply impossible to recreate with digital music, mp3 players, or playing music on your phone.

The fact that record players are now more accessible than ever – and more affordable than ever – has also contributed to their continued and growing popularity. It’s possible now to find record players for as little as $30, if you don’t mind buying smaller, personal players that don’t offer much in setup except for a basic turntable.

If you’re like me, you never want to let go of vinyl music – and you shouldn’t have to! Thankfully, companies also think this way; not only is it possible to find new record players with everything from simple to elaborate setups, you can also find new discs being made with new music, so you’ll never run out of music to play on your record player, no matter what setup you choose.

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