Ideas on How to Give Your Bathroom a Rustic Look

Ideas on How to Give Your Bathroom a Rustic Look

There’s nothing more beautiful, comfortable and charming than having a rustic environment. When renovating your bathroom, there are so many ideas that can help give it a total makeover and enhance the rustic look. Here are a few tips when making that transformation:

Focus on the vanity

You’d be surprised how much a bathroom vanity can affect the general look. When looking for an overall raw, natural look, a rustic bathroom vanity can transform your bathroom into something completely different. With many unique designs made of wooden logs and sheets, a vanity adds an urban feeling that can be easily combined with a few wooden accessories to give the rustic look you’re looking for. You can even choose a vanity made of cedar wood that is designed to look like a barn door, or you can opt for a wooden counter on top of a wash stand made of wooden logs and shelves with accessories to complement the design.

Horseshoe handles

A simple change that will go a long way is adding a few rustic shelves made out of wooden plates with a horseshoe handle. These horseshoes can be used to hold the towels in place or used as hooks for towels or any other accessories you’d need to hang in the bathroom. The horseshoe along with the wooden shelves give the vibe of a barn, in a very funky and cool way. This idea can be implemented on all the handles, even the door, or any cabinets as well as the toilet paper holder to unify the theme and emphasize on the rustic look.

Wooden shower cubicle

If you have a shower instead of a bathtub, you can throw out your curtains and build a cubicle with the shower inside. This cubicle will be made of wood and the shower door itself can be opened like a stable door.  Taking a shower in the middle of the wooden cubicle will make you feel as if you’ve been teleported into the woods and taking a shower surrounded by nature outside your door. These small changes will put you in the mood and make you fall in love with your rustic bathroom even more.

Wooden tiled walls

Being in a barn or shed automatically gives a rustic vibe, mainly because the structure itself is made out of wood. Instead of transforming the whole structure, you can add wooden tiles to your walls or even just one wall to give the same effect. When choosing just one wall, opt for the wall behind your wooden vanity and sink to be the focal point of the bathroom when combined with other wooden accessories.

A bathroom is one of the most places where a person finds solitude at home. When taking a bath and relaxing, the rustic feel of the room can help get you in a more calming mood and give you the chance to de-stress. The natural look of the wooden logs and sheets, are not only calming, but also ever so beautiful and give a trendy overlook look to your bathroom.

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