Casa Mirador by AR+C

Casa Mirador by AR+C

Location: Guayllabamba, Quito Canton, Ecuador
Year: 2013
Area: 1,507 sqft
Photo courtesy: Lorena Darquea

The project is residence house of 140 m2 (1,507 ft2) located in Guayllabamba, Ecuador. The house is conceived as a continuation of nature to which is embedded inside the mountain. This green platform allows the preservation of a lookout site prior to constructions.


A perimeter contention wall composes the primary structure. An air chamber allows having a thermal comfort inside and protects from humidity. The structure was calculated to resist about 20 cm (8 in) of vegetation on deck. Open skylights allow cross-ventilation and communication from the house to the deck.

Casa-Mirador-02 Casa-Mirador-03 Casa-Mirador-04 Casa-Mirador-05 Casa-Mirador-06 Casa-Mirador-07 Casa-Mirador-08 Casa-Mirador-09 Casa-Mirador-10 Casa-Mirador-11 Casa-Mirador-12 Casa-Mirador-13 Casa-Mirador-14 Casa-Mirador-15 Casa-Mirador-16 Casa-Mirador-17

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