Ylofa Palme by AI-Studio

Ylofa Palme by AI-Studio

Location: Moscow, Russia
Area: 2,150 sqft
Photo courtesy: AI-Studio

Covering the outside wall by a walnut wood, we left the rest of the space in light colors. All cabinets are built-in: bar, TV, clothes. All illumination is provided by light-emitting diodes in cutting. Bathrooms are in the micro-cement. Parquet boards have width of 40 cm (16 in). Slabs of natural stone of size 1200x1200mm (47x47in). The bedroom door is a swing door with dimension 3000×1500 mm (10x5ft).

Ylofa-Palme-01 Ylofa-Palme-02 Ylofa-Palme-03 Ylofa-Palme-04 Ylofa-Palme-05 Ylofa-Palme-06 Ylofa-Palme-07 Ylofa-Palme-08 Ylofa-Palme-09 Ylofa-Palme-10 Ylofa-Palme-11 Ylofa-Palme-12 Ylofa-Palme-13

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